Long Before the 3DS and NGP – Atari Almost Dominated the Handheld Gaming Market

RipTen: "Let’s take a trip back in time to the magical year of 1989 and all that it entailed; a simpler time when it was acceptable to wear hideous sweaters and video game magazine covers looked like bad fan art."

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CrzyFooL3797d ago

I remember my friend down the block got a Lynx. I couldn't believe the graphics. It was 16-bit even before there were 16 bit consoles. Too bad Nintendo was like /supriseattackGameBoyKO

R.I.P Lynx and Jaguar.

klado3797d ago

Lol, and people complain NGP size? lmfaoooooo

Ryudo3797d ago

Yeah NGP is like 18 and a half cm's long, get a school ruler snap it at 19 cm's and see how comfortable it is inside your pocket.

Am not saying I would rather it be smaller because a 5" screen is awesome, but honestly it is very big...

Close_Second3797d ago

Lets say you do manage to get it in your pocket well unless you have bluetooth headphones it will stay in your pocket doing nothing.

Try getting the PSP2 in your pocket with a set of headphones plugged in. They should have put the headphone plug at one end like the original PSPs and not right in the middle.

I really want the PSP2 but I'm not sure I want to sacrifice having a portable music player (I currently have the PSP Go).

klado3797d ago

It is not like the NGP is wider than the 3DS just to let you know.

ReBurn3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I still have my Lynx and Jaguar. Tempest 2000 and Defender 2000 were reason enough for me to own the Jaguar. My Jag is suffering from a case of the red screen of death / cartridge connection error. I need to figure out how to fix that.

Blue Lightning, California Games and Klax were my favorite Lynx games.

ReBurn3797d ago

Not yet, but I just scored one on eBay for 7 bucks. Looking forward to it!

OpenGL3797d ago

Yeah, the Lynx was extremely powerful for its time. They were even developing a version of Alien vs Predator for it that was actually in first person, but it was never finished.

bluwulf3797d ago

That surfing game on Lynx ruled the world.

specialguest3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

The Turbo Express was well beyond it's time. With the recent news about the Sony NGP demonstrating games that almost mirror the graphics quality of the PS3, the Turbo Express did one better. It actually played TG16 cards!

Yes, this was an actual TG16 shrunken down to a handheld size console. TG16 though 8bit processor, had real 16bit graphics.

Lynx gameplay graphics:

Turbo Express/TG16:

Invadersims3797d ago

Sounds like the Turbo Express was alot like the Sega Nomad that played Genesis cartridges.

OpenGL3797d ago

While the Turbo Express had a better screen, the Lynx had a lot more hardware support for things like parallax scrolling, sprite scaling, and tiling, so it was in a lot of ways more powerful. It also had a much better sound processor and was capable of displaying more colors simultaneously.

The TurboGrafix 16/PC Engine/ Turbo Express did have a much better library of games though.

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Drjft3797d ago

DirectX 65,000 graphics.

candybeans3797d ago

Stupid Tetris. Hate Tetris.

candybeans3790d ago

Haha, exactly. I always was a Sega kid, so I didn't get much exposure to Nintendo products until my teen years, Tetris included. I'm fine with that.

CrzyFooL3797d ago

Really? We're you around in 1989? It was almost kind of a big deal! :-p

DelbertGrady3797d ago

I actually owned one. Sold it because I couldn't find games for it anywhere.

Megaton3797d ago

Nintendo's had the portable market on lockdown since the first GameBoy.

Bathyj3797d ago

Uhm, keep going.

Anyone remember Game&Watch?

Thats why I say Nintendo didnt just dominate handhelds, they owned the market.

And I dont say "owned" in some geeky net speak, I mean that had it all to themselves and no one else competed in any meaningful way until the PSP.

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