Are Videogames the cause of society’s problems?

Those who are regular listeners to BBC’s Radio 5 Live service may have come across a little piece they did only this morning, about videogame addiction (details can be found here: and in previously documented BBC style, they were wholeheartedly biased against videogames. We here are Splinter Gamer find this unfair, and this is our reaction to it:

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deadreckoning6662819d ago

Well, its the cause of SOME of society's problems. Those animals in Korea who neglect their children for a video game should rot in jail forever.

Zimmerman2819d ago

I think there are more subtle effects with video games as their cause, but this can be said of anything.

It's kinda like tv; Most of us watch it and would deny that it influences ourselves in a significant way, yet we know t.v. alters societies behavior as a whole.

Video games don't change "who I am", and I'm not gonna go out an kill someone due to this very fact. I am not a murderer, will never be. I'm sure most of you would agree that video games are probably not at fault in cases of crime, etc.

Even still, this website exists only to cater to video games. People who have destructive video game habits waste most of their time, and we are having this conversation primarily as a result of video games. All of these things have an effect on society as a whole when added together.

Most of this type of influence is so subtle we'd be very hard pressed to define it.

On the whole, I definitely DON'T think video games have a positive influence on society if that means anything. Now that i think of it, vg's contribute to materialistic attitudes.

If you take that to be true, we could show that video games don't have NO impact on society and, by process of elimination, say that video games must have a negative impact.


Who knows? They are not directly to blame for things, but they might could contribute.

Zimmerman2818d ago

I think we're all a little bit crazier than we like to let on :D

One thing is for sure, we are creatures of habit. Most of the things we do are done "just because". We are still largely animal in nature I fear.

showtimefolks2819d ago

problem is every time someone goes on a rampage they blame games. i don't think gta or saint's row told us ever to go kill people

games are suppose to be a hobby and take some stress off your mind but some people go over kill like some who play WOW for weeks straight and than commit suicide i mean everything in life should have its place

work etc

N4g_null2819d ago

Like most art it is only an reflection.

ikkeweer2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

One word: "addiction".
No hobby is a "definitive" cause of anything, but if it becomes an addiction, then yeah ofcourse it can be.
Put the word addiction behind any hobby/habbit and it can become a problem.

xtremeimport2818d ago

the cause of todays issues is the fact that 1. parents are getting worse at monitoring their children. some because they are bad parents and others because both mom and dad are now working. but thats just an excuse. and 2. because 15yr olds are having babies and then instead of being taught its wrong they give them tv shows and they get to star on tv.

THATS societies problem. stop blasting shit tv into kids, get them playing sports and team activities then you will have a better world.

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OhReginald2819d ago

I think I heard about the third one before somewhere.

Motorola2819d ago

Society is the reason for Society's problems.

schlanz2819d ago

bp is the reason for society's problems

theonlylolking2819d ago

Nope, but justin bieber is...JK

ScentlessApprentice72819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

but he certainly is an example of what is wrong with today's bubblegum mickey mouse society.

ForROME2819d ago

Nope - Articles like these - Are

Xfanboy2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

obviously this helps society! & directors are completely sane!!

danthegardner2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

That was disgusting.Seriously GOW3 is baby stuff compared to that stuff. I wonder if we will have gore that detailed in games eventually.

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