5 Incredible Call of Duty Videos, N4G clan, and NGP COD

5 incredible Call of Duty Videos that might pull you back to playing the series.
Have you ever wondered why COD games are so popular? Other than the smooth game controls, I keep coming back for more after I watch incredible COD gameplay. I'm talking about pure gameplay with no commentaries,

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Dart893678d ago

*5 incredible Call of Duty Videos that might pull you back to playing the series.*

Sorry but once i pop in KZ3 it ain't coming out of my ps3.

Criminal3678d ago

I see where you're coming from. KZ3 looks like a great game. I rented KZ2 for a weekend, and it was a good game but it didn't do it for me. I hope I'll have a better time with KZ3.

Ryudo3678d ago

It didn't do it for most people case and point it's current player base online.

But of course this is N4G and your not a part of the community here if you don't over-hype the KillZone series to the point of where it's superior to everything expect Jesus.

Washington-Capitals3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Why are people disagreeing with FACTS! Lmfao, the pinnacle of fanboys here on n4g. Does sony pay you to shove their d!ck up you ass and make you support everything they say and do?

Killzone 2 could not support its online player base for more then 3 months after release. It was becuase the controls really didnt allow everyone to embrace the game. Does this mean the game is bad? NO! It just means it userbase just wasnt sustainable.

Killzone is a niche game, it will appeal to a certain number of FPS gamers and will never be as big as Black ops in terms of popularity. The fact it isnt multiplatform doesn't help. I enjoyed Killzone 2 a lot and will be buying kz3. Certain people like certain games and some people dont. Some games appeal to the mass market and some never will. Everyone expected Battlefield BC2 to be the CoD killer and everyone here on n4g was like "im not gonna play black ops or buy black ops, BF BC2 is the way to go." or the normal nowdays " black ops is sh!t, i sold my copy etc etc". Funny its the most played game on ps3 and averages 700 000 active online players during prime time. In this generation, whatever you may think, there is Call of Duty and then their is every other FPS game. Unfortunate but the truth.

Now im not saying games like killzone cant be successful but dont go around expecting everyone to like killzone or crysis etc they may all be better then CoD games but the fact is they wont become some mainstream shooter or CoD killers. If you like these games then enjoy them for what they are. Allow the fanboys to argue about why it didnt sell as well as another game or why its better.

Anyways, now you ps3 drones can disagree with my comment since the truth is butt hurting you.

inveni03677d ago

Why can't someone like the Killzone series? Why is such a thing so terrible? I find it insane that people like Halo, but I still allow them to like it. KZ2's gameplay wasn't the best ever, but I'm a tech junkie, and that's why KZ3 is on my must-play list.

antz11043677d ago

@ Inveni0

No matter whether you like KZ, Halo, or CoD you're going to get MASSIVE disagrees from one fanboy faction.

Like whatever you want and to hell with everyone else....they're not playing it at your house. (Well maybe they are..IDK)

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ambientFLIER3678d ago

"Sorry but once i pop in KZ3 it ain't coming out of my ps3."

I almost kinda sorta hope that it ends up being a terrible game to shut up all the fanboys who are proclaiming it to be the greatest game ever.

Flashwave_UK3677d ago

why do you hope that , is it because you cant afford a ps3 wtf is wrong with you .killzone (all rights reserved) never got the hype it needed stfu about controls ok .I play kz2 every day and i dont see any problem with it you never say this when halo or gears is comming out do you even when you should (thinks about halo ODST)

ambientFLIER3677d ago

I have a ps3. I'm just sick of people hyping the game beyond belief.

RockmanII73678d ago

Good luck with that, I'm expecting $350-$400.

Criminal3678d ago

That would suck. Think about it, ps3 retails for $300 right now, by the time psp2 comes out, ps3 might get a price cut, let's say it'll be $250. I can't see them pricing the psp2 beyond the $300 mark 'cause who would pick a psp2 with $100 or more price premium over the ps3. I'm sure that I'm gonna eat my words, lol.

RockmanII73678d ago

When I say that the NGP/PSP2 will be $350-$400 that's assuming that the PS3 doesn't get a price drop. The whole reason why I think it will be that price is because if it can play games comparable to the PS3 in terms of graphics and its portable then I think it will be more expensive than the PS3 and most new pieces of hardware have an initial price divisible by 50 (300/350/400/ect.). That and because the 3DS is going to be $250 and I think it will be well over that price. If the PS3 gets a price drop to $250 this year then I think the NGP/PSP2 could potentially be $300, but I think $350 would still be more likely.

Ryudo3678d ago

Why is everyone still calling it the PSP2 I know I have been guilty of this myself but seriously.

I think Sony want's to re-brand it's handheld system. If it's the PSP2 Why not call the Wii the Gamecube 2 or the 3DS the Gameboy 9000.

Why not call it what it's current name actually is since it's easier and sorter the NGP.

Hazmat133678d ago

i the first vid song sounds like a movie where the military are killing civilians ya know?

Criminal3678d ago

Nope, I didn't know that. I guess the soundtrack gives a cool feeling instead of warm. ;)

HK63678d ago

Just to clarify, the title is saying the videos are incredible, not Call of Duty.

AllroundGamer3678d ago

nothing incredible to see here, just guys playing against some noobs, move along.

WiIIiam3678d ago

Yeah their opponents seemed to be functionally retarded haha

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