Top 7 PS3 Shooters

"Top 7 PS3 Shooters... 7 The Darkness – Although this was not an exclusive game, I felt that this had a lot to offer to gamers. Singleplayer has driven this game to the list, with the story following Jackie Estacado..."

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xc7x2870d ago

how are they determinating this,by sales,amount of players or just by their own personal likes?

BakedGoods2870d ago

Opinion. Yeah, the list is lame.

jeseth2870d ago

Terrible list.

Dead Space, albeit amazing, ISN'T EVEN A SHOOTER !!!!

No Resistance Fall or Man? But they have R2? The original wipes the floor with the sequel.

No Modern Warfare? But MW2 instead?

No Battlefied? Or BFBC2? Or Bioshock (original).

The Darkness? Really? He##, Farcry 2 was better than the Darkness . . . might as well throw in Clive Barker's Jericho while you're at it.

I don't know whether to laugh or not laugh because the author is so dumb that we shouldn't make fun of him. Terrible.

blind-reaper2870d ago


I do consider Dead Space a shooter because you aim and shoot to kill your enemies...

The Darkness was a good game but is not a shooter 95% of my killings in that game was made by the tentacles, CBJ was horrible.

But I agree with you in everything else, the list was lame.

EeJLP-2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Jeseth basically nailed it...

Resistance: Fall of Man
Uncharted 2 (if you consider it a TPS instead of action/adventure)
The Orange Box (Half-Life 2, HP2 ep.1 & 2)
Battlefield: Bad Company
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (TPS)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (haven't played it yet, but if it's similar to the 1st)
Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Metal Gear Solid 4 (if you play it run & gun instead of stealthy)

How's that for a top 10 PS3 shooter list? (not in any specific order)

jeseth2869d ago

@ blind reaper.

I see your point but can't agree. If we catorgorized games the way you have then 80% of all games would be shooters. No Action/Adventure (Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Red Faction, etc.), No Platformers (Ratchet & Clank, etc.), No Survival Horror (Resident Evil, Dead Space), No Stealth (Metal Gear, Splinter Cell) . . . they would all be shooters according you your logic.

Would we even call games like Dragon Age a shooter because you shoot a Bow and Arrow??? Is an open sandbox game like GTA and Red Dead a shooter because there are guns?

Like I said, I see your point but every game is not considered a shooter just because you aim and shoot.

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showtimefolks2870d ago

everyone has their own this gen we have had more than enough fps

i been playing games for 20 years never liked fps till killzone 2 which my friend was playing so i bought it at launch and online was something i was hooked on warzone was awsome

what i don't understand is why GG decrease the size from 32 players to 24 players when maps are getting bigger why number of players going down?

but i guess they had their reasons i just hope it doesn't become like big maps and you have to travel far to get to other players and more people meant less snipers since everyone was in on big area

can't wait for KZ3

but for anyone who has not played darkness its a great game hope we see a sequel something since its under 2K and rockstar i wouldn't count on it any time soon(ps: not because RS is bad publisher because there are so many other IP's in list of sequels from them)


That was to make the game a bit more strategic ans slow paced. Despite the "heavy" gameplay feel Killzone 2 was a really fast paced game, specially in objective based modes (a.k.a. almost anything other than bodycount) when both team run almost entirely to a point and shit hits the fun...

Although impressive/funny at the start, all this often chaos (complete with turrets and drones) make everyone run too fast trhough the "spawn, run, fight, die, respawn" routine, ofuscating the objective based feel we would expect from a Search & Destroy or Capture & Hold game. This was a really exausting process as would happen all the time and the game won't give you a break before running trhough all game modes in a given map.

Number of players wasn't a choice made on map size, but on gameplay pace and features. I expect them to implement a count down to wait a bit to respawn too on standard rooms.

PSG4MER2870d ago

Opinion piece, not sales.

schlanz2870d ago

Crap opinion piece, listing Bioshock 2 in place of the first one, Modern Warfare 2 in place of the first one, and having The Darkness and Rainbow Six in there.

Where is Battlefield BC2? Or Borderlands? MAG? Those games are better than The Darkness and Rainbow Six. And if Dead Space can be considered, then RE5 should be in there considering the Move controls and online co-op make it awesome.

Ares84PS32870d ago

The Darkness??? hahahaha gott to be a joke.

There are far better shooters out there. Like schlanz said; BFBC2...even BFBC1 is better than the Darkness. Mag & Resistance 1, Borderlands. RSV isn't that great either.

HellzAssassin2870d ago

The Darkness was actually an incredible game... Have you even played it?

Ares84PS32870d ago

Yes I have and I think it was pretty bad. I don't know what people liked about it.

SuicideShaun2870d ago

RSV is better than mag imo.


KZ2&MAG for me.Shooters are a dime a dozen but those two stand out,for the right reasons.

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