Worldwide Weekly Chart: Week Ending 22nd Jan 2011

VGchartz: The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

Worldwide Hardware

Wii 221,679 (-13%)
DS 217,475 (-16%)
360 213,032 (-3%)
PS3 211,750 (-5%)
PSP 119,811 (-8%)
PS2 53,722 (-12%)

Total 1,037,469 (-10%)

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RSPproductionz3798d ago

dont approve these fake numbers

DualConsoleOwner3798d ago

Sony's Numbers are regulated by SEC and dozen laws.

Meaning Sony's numbers are right and Vgchartz are fake.

Tinasumsum3798d ago

Once they show PS3 far ahead their numbers will be real :P

FailOverHero3798d ago

Dual, how old are you? And who the heck is SEC?
Honestly, what you said sounded like what kids in middle school would say

DualConsoleOwner3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

you are asking me who SEC are??
Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sony is required by law to release accurate sales record and SEC enforces that law.

Either you are extremely ignorant and stupid or you must be 5 years old.

Alpha_Gamer3798d ago

Speaking of Sony`s numbers, did they ever release their quarterly reports?

Nitrowolf23798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )


so your asking Dual how old he is, which implies you think he is a kid and yet you don't know what SEC is -_-
I mean at least he knows his stuff for a middle schooler (not saying he really his one)
if anything your the kid if you didn't know what that was.


there have been multiple times PS3 sales were better, we still come on here saying the numbers are fake. VG, no matter who leads, numbers are untrust worthy no matter what side. Both sides sales have been said by the company themselves and many times VG has been wrong for both side. They just seem to fix one side only and not the other.

ugo3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )


you call some one a kid but u don't no the meaning of sec
well i am not surprised that's how bot fan behave, only brag of sales but don't no one thing about economics

FailOverHero3798d ago

I asked how old he is because his arguement sounds very middle schoolish, your numbers are FAKE because SONY has to follow laws and bla bla bla.
I asked who SEC is because I do not know who the heck they are, sue me for not having done economics or more likely for not coming from whatever country they are based in.
Oh and by the way, WHAT SONY NUMBERS? They haven't updated them in forever. Did they have a closed quarterly report?

suckerpunch3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

listen to yourself asshole ! ps3 awesome......yes yes yes, ps3 got some non no BS BS.....

fanboys never change. dude vgchartz did not undertrack, they just estimate only, douchebag ! they even adjust down 360 numbers numerous times.

sony's numbers are more BS than VGchartz because they want to put on a pretty picture to please ignorant fanboys, wait, sony does not care about stupid ass sony fanboys, they just want to please the shareholders and capital investors !

on another topic, what a slap in bioware's face for kissing ps3 dumbasses fanboys asses, how ironic that bioware gives ps3 owners one of the greatest game this generation and ps3 owners don't give a shit and spent their money on stupid shit like heavy rain.

3798d ago
Legion3798d ago

You do realize that the SEC(Commission) is U.S. Law correct? Sony is international based and thus has limited reporting in sales outside of U.S. sales. (to the Commission)

Also, procedures for reporting to the SEC and other agencies are not necessarily standard between companies. Companies may report how they wish, as long as their reports give accurate reflection of money earned. Required public posting of said earnings are limited, even data to stock holders is more often then not the best way for the company to show favorable earnings versus cost.

Companies will ALWAYS report their numbers to make them look best in the eyes of their stock holders. This does not mean that numbers reflect totally accurate. (nor does it mean they are lying) Numbers can be shown to represent something different. SEC is not at liberty to report any numbers given to them outside of their scope of an investigation. So numbers reported to them and the way any company wishes to spin those numbers is an interesting balancing game.

You wonder why MS always looks good in U.S. Vs Sony? Think about it...

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FailOverHero3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Mass effect 2 sales on PS3...Not a massive effect there.
But they are probably undertracked right? Because I'm pretty sure the real sales are closer to 1 million instead of sub 90 000 right? Willing to bet there are 800k psn downloads that this cannot track...right?

suckerpunch3798d ago

if you think vgchartz is a liar then....well that is probable. but if you think they are idiots....then you are definitely an idiot. undertrack by 900k ? no matter how you undertrack, the margin just can not be that far....fucking idiot....why am i explaining to people like you, so thick skulled, you never get it !

Legion3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )


Uhhmmm... I don't think you got his message. I believe he was being facetious.

He didn't actually think that the numbers were undertracked.

m23453798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Tinasumsum : vg chartz can put the ps3 miles ahead and they would still be fake numbers. but keep on trolling. we all know you hate the ps3 with all your being that you have to stoop so low to give agrees for yourself.

suckerpunch: lol, sony's numbers are bs? are you aware of the fact sony can't lie about their numbers? you have not a clue of what you're talking about. i'm pretty sure ps3 fans have more games than just heavy rain, which by the way is an amazing game. maybe you should try buying a ps3 some time and play it instead of bad-mouthing sony.

N4g_null3797d ago

All of he vgchart hate doesn't explain why they keep getting woo numbers almost right or why the ps3 is still not out right number two since it's been out selling the xbox360 for a while now. I mean does it really take four years to erase a one year lead?

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eagle213798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

This is the first time like ever all the top 4 have been so close and all down from last what is the problem this week? Is it because Nintendo is still on top? Or 360 not on top? Or PS3 and 360 so close to DS? lol :)

Nothing to get all worked up on vgchartz this week folks.

DelbertGrady3798d ago

Wow! Looks like the 360 is outselling the PS3 worldwide. Great job by MS.

Tinasumsum3798d ago

WoW the disagrees. 360 has been doing this for almost 4 months.

Tinasumsum3798d ago

Thats a lot of disagrees. Just check out the past week figures in the past week window LMAO

m23453798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

i sense some hypocrisy running wild. so now you guys think these are real numbers because it's skewed in the 360's favor. interesting.

i hit the head on the nail, didn't i? :)

Legion3798d ago

And yet the weekly numbers are not in 360 favor. So what are you trying to say... again?

The real killer3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Why is this fake nummbers fanboy site still aproved?


"Wow! Looks like the 360 is outselling the PS3 worldwide. Great job by MS"

I'm disagree with you.

No it's not, if you believe this fake 360 fansite, than you have a problem common sense, we al knwo that VGZ is pure SH!T!!! full of lies.

I got a disagree, funny :)

"Why you ask? why did you even hit on it?"

No, back than yes but for a long time i give this 360 fan site no single hits any more, VGZchartz say anough. Even Microsoft said that VGZ lies about selling nummbers.

I get diasagree by 360 fanboys.

klado3798d ago

Why you ask? why did you even hit on it?

There is your answer.

m23453798d ago

don't even worry about disagrees. you know you're saying something right when you have five disagrees already.

Legion3798d ago

And I see you already have an agree... what is that saying about your statement?

FlyShootRaceSims3798d ago

So you're saying that all the Xbox fans who have gotten disagrees on this site were right all along? Just saying!

gorebago3797d ago

i disagreed because it read like a myspace blog written by a 12-year old girl.

jneul3798d ago

it's a load of rubbish fake numbers they has 360 at 1m overtracked before shipment figures came in, they will never learn

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