Dead Space Could Appear on New Platforms, Including the NGP

GameDynamo - "Things are far from over after the release of Dead Space 2 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 earlier this week, as well as a brand new version for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. The spine-tingling survival horror saga has been received with critical acclaim, so the future of the series looks bright."

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Bathyj3796d ago

Well Deeer.

Its EA, I'm sure they'd put it on your microwave if it had the graphics card for it.

morganfell3796d ago

The big boon will come in the fact that true interconnectivity and interoperability between the NGP and the PS3 will bring exclusive features to the Sony versions like never before.

Soldierone3796d ago

Wasnt PSP supposed to do that? Not hating on it, but lets actually hold Sony to their word this time around.

I dont have my PSP anymore and would like to keep my NGP.

MeanOldman3796d ago

i see what morgs sayin. there is a big diff with the ngp versus the psp dude. dont know why you dont see that. the psp required chopped down totally differnt development but the ngp could use the same work. thas a lot differnt, alot.

dragunrising3795d ago

I'm not one to turn down Dead Space anything. I say bring it. If Dead Space comes to the NGP, its one more reason to get it.

On a side note, I wish the Dead Space 2 game on iOS would also come to Android (Droid 1 owner).

thereapersson3796d ago

Especially because of the advent of dual analog sticks. I'm really glad Sony listened to the requests of gamers by adding a second stick. I'm also glad they are actual sticks this time, and not a simple "nub".

Soldierone3796d ago

Im glad its literally a handheld device, not something half arsed just to fit in your pocket.

Xbox360PS3AndPC3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

This One Is Big So It Wont Fit In Your Pocket But Im Still Going to Buy Even If I Have To Carry It Around In A Suitcase

klado3796d ago

It is not that big actually, I saw the guy showing the demo at 1up and it wasn't a bombshell to grab it with one hand.

So it may be big (the screen) but it is pretty small taking in account its width.

So yeah least you are sing a girl pant, it can fit easily in your pocket.

supremacy3796d ago

Yeah i think this time around the NGP will be able to do many more of the things the psp was intended for.

Technically it is now possible to even exchange text messages between ps3 users and NGP users.

And synchronize trophies from both platforms.

Having one ID and two platforms i could use to always stay in contact with my psn buddies regardless of which platform i am on. Through 3g and live area of course.

That would be the icing on the cake for me.

Masterchef20073796d ago

Dead Space would be incredible with the NGPs screen. Imagine the perfect blacks that you get with oled display

Masterchef20073795d ago

Or in moments when theres a lot of lighrs flashing would be incredible to see.

Bathyj3796d ago

How about playing BSpec mode on GT5 with your NGP?


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