Retailers Discount Xbox LIVE Points Cards as First Strike DLC Release Date Nears

"Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike DLC is releasing this February 1, 2011 on Xbox LIVE for 1200 points...

As the release date nears, many retailers are offering some decent discounting on 1600 Microsoft Points Cards..."

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Urrakia343796d ago

This DLC is gonna sell millions upon millions.....

GLoRyKnoT3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

This is true. y'all enjoy it tho :)

I don't own Blops cuz i feel it's a step backwards from MW2. Don't like the line of sight. 2me: Blops is just [email protected] 2

Give me Blops in MW2's skin & i'll buy it.

Xbox360PS3AndPC3796d ago

Biggest DLC ripoff Ever, You Can Buy SC : Chaos Theory For 1200 MS Points

Bathyj3796d ago

I wish M$ would just use dollars.

I paid AU$25 for 1500 points yesterday and I only needed 400. You always have left over and then have to spend more to use it.

That means Trials HD, Limbo and Meatboy are all 20 bucks each, not exactly cheap to start with, but I'll have to buy 3 cards and spend $75 to get them.

Halochampian3796d ago

or you can just buy 400 points over xbox live? Similar to the way PSN's wallet works.

sp1deynut3796d ago

...Bathyj is old enough (or mature enough) to have a credit card. ;)