Dragon Quest VI’s English release a month too late for an exceptional Enix fan

TinyCartridge - Around 15 years ago, Enix America closed its doors, leaving many RPG fans to wonder what would become of SNES titles available in Japan but not yet in the U.S., like Dragon Quest VI and Tactics Ogre.

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AyeKay473798d ago

Great article. Shame everyone else on n4g is too busy bashing the 360 or something.

Bnet3433797d ago

Agreed, what a sad thing. Really touched my heart.

ChrisGTR13798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

pretty sad, and yet most of us spend all day locked in doors playing games/ wasting our lives. once its too late is when you want more time

radphil3797d ago

I read this earlier online. It's really sad, because not only did she pass away a few weeks before it comes out, but she sounds like an awesome grandmother.

Playing RPGs even in her 70s at the time of the letter. That's true gaming for you right there.