Dragon Age II demo incoming? — Scrawl

Scrawl: "An e-mail sent out to Danish Electronic Arts subscribers apparently claims that a “demo [is] out now” for BioWare’s upcoming action RPG, Dragon Age II."

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JewelTheif2822d ago

Please, let there be a demo!

WildArmed2822d ago

yes :D
Something I can play OVER AND OVER AND OVER till March :D

Kran2822d ago

Yes please :)

I suppose there will be a demo. I mean Mass Effect 2 got a demo, so I dont see why Dragon Age II wont ;)

karlowma2822d ago

I wonder if it will be the character creator like they did with Dragon Age: Origins.

Kran2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Well you play as "A" character, and there are defaults. You can customize how Hawke looks (male, female) and all the features. It'll be like Mass Effect where you can still change the features even though there is a default character already made.

@Urrakia34 below.

"What's the point of another Dragon Age if you already killed the archdemon?"

What's the point of another Call of Duty if they're just the same each time?

karlowma2822d ago

Yeah good point. Wouldn't be much of a demo if all you're doing is changing a beard style. Lol.

Urrakia342822d ago

What's the point of another Dragon Age if you already killed the archdemon? I love Dragon Age: Origins but the story in DA2 seems like it's going to be a bit bland compared to DA:O

NYC_Gamer2822d ago

the dragon age universe is big and part 1 only told the story of the grey wardens.

Malebaria2822d ago

Definitely, not to mention they have a lot of other countries and regions they could explore. BioWare knows how to create an universe.

lightningsax2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I won't get into detail, since some of you may have not played DA:O yet, but the continuation of what you did regarding Morrigan could trump the whole archdemon story of DA:O by itself if you made a certain decision. I hope that they take the ME2 route to the next level and really incorporate your past decisions into the storyline!

Urrakia342822d ago

@lightnignsax- very good point, I had forgotten about that part.
Also I am aware that there are more countries and regions other than Ferelden but I just thought the story would mostly revolve around the Grey Wardens and Archdemons. Kinda like how the Star Wars universe almost entirely revolves around the Sith and Jedi

Blacktric2822d ago

So, DA 2 will have a bland story because there is no Archdemon? Wow. Great logic really. How about Flemeth The Shapeshifter? How about the things happened after DA:O like what happened to the Morrigan and Warden's child. There are tons of great plots to explore and I'm sure Bioware won't disappoint. Besides, the game takes place in a ten year span, so anything can happen.

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