No, Bulletstorm PC Does Not Require A Constant Internet Connection

gamrFeed: The Internet has been buzzing recently with the news that People Can Fly's upcoming over-the-top shooter Bulletstorm will require a constant Internet connection on the PC version in order to play the game. As you can understand, PC gamers weren't exactly over the moon with the news. Well guess what, it's not true.

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LoaMcLoa3797d ago

Maybe he's happy being here, or something x)

ATiElite3797d ago

Whoa!! I was just RANTing and ranting about this a few minutes ago. good to hear but I'm still not getting it.

KILLZONE 3 will be my bullet storm.

callahan093797d ago

I don't care that the title is spelled incorrectly, this is still a legitimate submission of an important article. The fact that there are more than 1 article on N4G right now that purport an INCORRECT statement is ridiculous, and we need the CORRECTION to be published.

The game does NOT require an always-on internet connection to play, just to play *online* (which is, you know, completely obvious). You also need to be online to install the game for some kind of DRM measure, but once it's installed, you can play the offline modes to your hearts content without being connected to the internet.

Correct the title spelling mistake and you've got yourself a perfect and important submission that needs to be approved before the false articles we've got already proliferate any further.

The truth needs to get out there, otherwise the false stuff spreading around will cause unfair harm to the perception of the game in the eyes of potential buyers and it could cause the game to lose sales over false rumors, which frankly is an idea that makes me upset because the developers and publishers don't deserve to be punished due to false rumors while the truth is out there failing to get spread.

Thecraft19893797d ago

You do know you are on n4g don't you ?

Led-Zeppelin3797d ago

-.- fooled me a while ago.

despair3797d ago

people are to quick to judgment without getting facts straight, a simple read of the release by EA would've shown the bogus nature of the false reports but people see headlines and start ranting and raving.

Xfanboy3797d ago

Thats awsome!! Now I just need to want this game..

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