Gameroni ranks Bayonetta first in 2010

Rhody Tobin writes: "In the hands of an experienced player, this game is a nonstop infinite climax action ballet, a beautiful thing to watch and an even more beautiful thing to experience. A perfect mix of insanity and depth, Bayonetta is action gaming at its finest."

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Rikitatsu3796d ago

For me as well.
Nothing has matched the brilliance of Bayonetta this generation for me.

Truly one of a kind.

Raendom3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Edit: nvm. Sorry, it's your opinion, I'm truly a fool.

ActionBastard3795d ago

When does it get brilliant? I just defeated the "imposter" Bayonetta and I'm just not feeling this game. Still plan on beating it, but it feels like Devil May Need A Maxi.

Pheonix033795d ago

Absolutely. Bayonetta is the defining game of this generation for me.

This is because Bayonetta completely focuses on the one factor that matters most in videogames: gameplay; a factor most developers place behind graphics and production values these days.

Kte3795d ago

Hmm well after seeing this review it lets me know what game to get next.

TardcoreGamer3795d ago

It makes me angry that this game wasn't even nominated for GOTY for many outlets. It nails everything!

AKissFromDaddy3795d ago

In my opinion, this game isn't simply the best action game, it's the best game I've ever played that isn't Half-Life!

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