Is Dead Space 2 a Real Horror Game?

An appropriately-timed surprise, a dark space station, and the right amount of Necromorphs don't make a game a horror. What does?

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princejb1343798d ago

i haven't got scared ones in that game as of yet
but is definitely a awesome game
a horror game for me is silent hill which is creepy as hell
and siren, dam that game spooks me out=]

AllroundGamer3798d ago

i hope you have at least 5.1 speakers, cause the game is all about music and sound, that makes it so special and scary.

schlanz3798d ago

Real horror game? Dunno. Don't care.

Real good game? **** yes.

Dragon_Hiko3798d ago

So I'm curious, what difficulty are you playing on? Because if say you have too much ammo all the time and are getting through the 'tense' parts too on a harder difficulty from the start. It adds a lot to the scare factor especially if you do it before beating the game on an easier setting so when you finally do get around to playing on a harder mode you already know the entire game. And as the other guy said, good surround sound adds a lot. And a bit of atmosphere on your end can't hurt, you know play at night when no one else is around with surround sound up.

It's the same with horror movies, if you go in wanting to be scared you get more absorbed into the movie in the way that allows the thrills to work on you. However if you go into the movie with a 'lets see if this stupid movie will scare me' attitude and the whole movie your looking at it but never actually devoting any of yourself to the movie, it won't scare you simple as that. Also scare factor is decreased when your watching with other people instead of by yourself.

princejb1343798d ago

i never ones said i have to much ammo
i actually dont have enough ammo, i have to buy ammo sometimes
and yes i am beating it in the hardest difficulty ones i beat the game
just like i did in DS1

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AntoineDcoolette3798d ago

First Dead Space was much more frightening/tense

FishCake9T43798d ago

Well its scarier than what Resi has become which once was considered a horror.

EYEamNUMBER13798d ago

that's not saying allot though what isn't scarier than what resident evil has become

i still think the RE games are great but scary? ehm not really

midgard2273798d ago

RE and dead space have never been scary, actually games fail at being scary honestly. I mean i like playing dead space 2 demo, havent played the full game yet, and thought Dead space 1 was ok. luved resident evil 5 and all the previous RE's. i play them as a game, i cant get scared at something that wont hurt me in reality lol

Etseix3798d ago

im playing amnesia (just started yesterday.. well today at 1 am using headphones , etc etc.) AND, well that game really is an horror/suspense game. Even if its not that scary ( trust me, its not) the game is just awsome u all should play it ;)

slinky1234563798d ago

An action thriller, it didnt ever scare me but i love the games.

alphakennybody3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

its just another gore fest. no more, no less.

DigitalXMedia3798d ago

Why not? I'd have to agree with they others here but this game is a little creepy at some parts but comparing it with they average horror games out there I think it still passes as a horror/gory action game. You may not agree with me but didn't this game make you jump a little? Not even a little scared? Haha, Imagine yourself as the player.. I'm pretty sure you'd be scared.

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The story is too old to be commented.