Petition to bring The Last Story westward

Nintendo Life's article on the fan made petition to bring the Japanese RPG The Last Story to the USA.

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ActionBastard3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I thought they intended to bring it to the West, but localization will take some time, is that not the case?

Huarle3795d ago

Do some people really think its not coming to the west?
Of course Nintendo has currently no plans. If they would say anthing other than that it would mean its coming. But they are not gonna announce it through a simple statement from PR...

Its just like Nintendo had no plans for the new DS model, a black Wii or the classic controller pro in the US. Or like Rockstar has no plans for PC versions of GTA.

Put simply: They are gonna announce it when they want and not through some interview or something

Lavalamp3795d ago

"6,800 signatures and growing."
This article was made two weeks ago. And in that frame of time, the amount of signatures have nearly doubled. It is reassuring to know that Nintendo still has plans to bring it to the west somewhere down the road.