Downloadable content: how far will it go?

DLC: three letters gamers knows all too well. There’s no shortage of this downloadable content these days, with shooters receiving map packs, fighters getting new characters and costumes, and our (mostly useless) avatars having tons of clothing options to fit our ever-changing moods. Most of the time these extra expenses can be justified, but every now and then a developer comes along and decides to push the bounds of acceptability. What’s your limit?

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Yi-Long3793d ago

Where before I would buy certain games at fullprice for 50-60 bucks, nowadays most games already announce they will have DLC after the release, which automatically means I will just wait for a GOTY/Ultimate/Complete release to come out, which WILL have all the content.

R_aVe_N3793d ago

It has already gone to far if you ask me. I say less DLC more games worth spending your hard earned money on. I do not buy DLC that I believe should be part of the game to begin with... What really pisses me off is DLC 2 weeks after the game launches....

kburns103791d ago

Developers really are getting out of hand with this! I agree that Rockstar has the right idea, but for every Lost and Damned, there is a costume pack for Street Fighter. It sucks, but when developers lock the material out of the retail disc for profit, we really don't have much of a choice.