Will the NGP hurt 3DS sales?

With the reveal on the NGP, will any gamers take a pass on the 3DS for Sony's new system?

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Mystogan3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Not me, 3DS has POKEMON dude!


Kran3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Pokemon Black and White isnt on the 3DS mate, just the DS.


Yes, but if you're going to buy the 3DS just for Pokemon, even though it doesn't have 3D, you're going to be waiting a good year before you can make full proper use of it, if Pokemon is all you are interested in.

We don't even know if there will be a Pokemon game (no doubt there will be (dont get me wrong I love Pokemon too)).

Dark_Charizard3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

There's no doubt that 3DS will have its own Pokemon soon. And don't forget Mario!

OT, I don't think the 3DS sales will be hurt by the PSP2 very much. 3DS is a much more appealing device for the mass market, and the fact that PSP2 will cost more definitely ensures that 3DS will build a sales tower over it.

Sony is all set to lose another war.

Mystogan3797d ago

I know there's no Pokemon for 3DS YET but i'll be damned if there isn't one coming out this year.

Natsu893797d ago

Damnit realy how old are you guys? Pokemon? Thats why you're jizzing in your pants? POKEMON?!?! I can't stand it anymore...

TheLastGuardian3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

A new Pokemon game that will never be as good as Pokemon Red/Blue version. I got over Pokemon games once the DS came out because I bought the PSP instead and now I'm buying the PSP2 instead of the 3DS. I like Sony's games better than Nintendos.

I'm into 3D gaming too so I might get a 3DS once the 3DS Lite comes out. I hope Sony prices the NGP competitively ($300) if they want it to have a chance of outselling the 3DS. The PSP2 looks like a way better handheld so I hope it outsells 3DS.

Anarki3797d ago

That website looks so lame. It's like a kid as botch jobbed a website together in 5minutes and stuck it on there.

NLGSean3797d ago

Technically Pokemon IS on the 3DS due to the backward DS compatibility...

ABizzel13797d ago

I don't think it will impact 3DS sales. I think the 3DS price is going to impact it's own sales early on. Once it gets down into the $100 range then it'll pick up steam.

But I do think that the NGP will be picked up by more people who also want the 3DS.

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trevonn953797d ago

pokemon is the cod of ds thats all i have to say
p.s love my lvl100 arceus do

hamburger1233797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

No COD sucks dude

But if your talking about sales than youre right

Darkfocus3797d ago

Are you trying to say pokemon sucks? :( I like pokemon...

supremacy3797d ago

And..Monster hunter is the WoW of the psp. Every platform has its ip you know.

trevonn953797d ago

pokemon will always be good but its becoming a rehash and a rippof imo think of it this way they will give you 2 versions to buy then make one that has the few pokemon that separated the first two and slighly diffrent story and call it whole new game why dont they just make one at a time and not rip you off with there 2 then 1 money grabbing stratergy

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Derekvinyard133797d ago

3Ds March 27, 2011 psp2 Holiday 2011. NO sales will be affected, 3ds will have a strong amount of time untill the psp2 comes out

miyamoto3797d ago

On a marketing standpoint Sony with the announcement of NGP has made it clear that its going for an entirely different market Nintendo is at.

Nintendo systems & games appeal to a distinct younger audience even if the new slate of 3DS games are going for the PSP market.

PlayStation brand has established a different & distinct following too.

So like what is happening now both Sony & Nintendo can thrive at their own markets.

Blaze9293797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I mean really, how long as Nintendo been doing this handheld stuff? Has ANYTHING ever hurt their sales since they began? Nothing's gonna change that.

What is the conception of "hurt" people are thinking when they ask this question? Will some people choose NGP over 3DS? Sure, no duh. But "hurt" as in Nintendo won't be #1 in the handheld market and/or have to rethink their strategy and have some serious competition? Hell no.

Where Nintendo has the one marketing scheme they need to promote this and make it seem like something everyone has to try and witness for themselves (3D without glasses), what does Sony have as their one big selling point to consumers? None of that technical jargon either that we all know damn well "those" consumers won't give a damn about.

What Apple is to MP3 players: Nintendo is to handheld gaming devices. You just can't beat em.

I personally, will pick up both.

specialguest3797d ago

Every Nintendo handheld systems throughout the ages have always had a mass appeal towards kids. Parents will continue to buy their kids the next latest and greatest Nintendo handheld system. When it comes to appealing to kids, Nintendo always deliver on the games that every damn kid has to have. A prime example is Pokemon.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall3797d ago

lol no, this is one of the few questions I can answer with 100% accuracy.

SasanovaS19873797d ago

so selling 60 million PSPs isnt effecting DS sales? did it effect it then? sad how one of the few questions u happened to be wrong about huh. sucks for you

Kran3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Hope so. 3D is just old. Yes. It's 3D WITHOUT GLASSES. Give it a year or 2 and they'll adapt the same technology to 3D TV.

EDIT: Its interesting. Usually we hear Sony vs Microsoft battles.
Now its Sony vs Nintendo. But who's going to win?

pollocks3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Sony will win in the eyes of gamers. They're providing a handheld with;

-3 times the power of the 3DS
-Titles that aren't rehashes of ancient franchises (mario, zelda, kirby etc.)
-Much more media functionality than the 3DS
-A better and more integrated online system than the 3DS
-higher battery life
-Less potential eye damage

and so on and so forth.

kissmeimgreek3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer and I'm definitely more excited about the 3DS. Not because of the crappy 3d (3D is stupid to me). Im just more of a fan of nintendo's franchises and how they make games that cater specifically to their handhelds (games I wouldnt mind playing in small bursts when Im away from home).

Nothing Ive seen of the NGP looks like it would be better on a handheld than watching at home on a huge tv.

EDIT: Plus im a Little concerned about the way sony will support the NGP after launch. Right now theyve got a solid amount of games but I have no idea if support will fizzle out like the psp.

Darkfocus3797d ago

battery life is less actually. 1up has a article on it...the NGPs battery life is like 3.3 hrs on intensive games same as the psp 1000

pollocks3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

@Darkfocus: can I read that article please, do you have a link?

Anyway, even if that is true, the 3DS's battery life is 3 hours while running 3DS games w/ 3D + backlight turned on so I don't see how 3.3 hours < 3 hours :S

Especially considering how much more powerful the PSP2 is than the 3DS. To even be in the same ballpark in terms of battery life, let alone more than the 3DS, is incredible.

Hisiru3797d ago

3D turned off can give you 8+ hours of 3DS fun.

starcrafter3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


3D AND backlight turned off can give you no more than 8 hours of 3DS fun PLAYING DS GAMES. Not 3DS games. with 3DS games (dependant upon brightness/3D settings) you can get between 3-5 hours battery life.

"Battery Life

3-5 hours for 3DS games, but slider position details not known
5-8 hours for DS games
roughly 3 hours to charge"

I read yours, however it didn't specify it was 3DS games at all. Mine has specified that 3DS games can only be played for 3-5 hours on one charge. Look, I even quoted it for you :)
3-5 hours is for 3DS games, the lower end of the scale (3 hours) being with 3D and backlighting fully enabled, and the opposite achieving 5 hours battery life.

"3-5 hours for 3DS games"
"3-5 hours for 3DS games"
"3-5 hours for 3DS games"
"3-5 hours for 3DS games"
"3-5 hours for 3DS games"
"3-5 hours for 3DS games"


Hisiru3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Please, read my source, it's 8+ hours playing 3DS games without 3D effect. The information is coming from Nintendo itself.

3~5 hours is for 3D on + full brightness.

"The system will take about 3 1/2 hours to charge and then last about three to five hours on a full charge. That's with the 3D effects activated. The company guesses that people who keep the 3D turned off could get as many as eight hours. Turning off the system's wireless via a switch, lowering its brightness settings or even running it in a dimmer power-save mode will all help the machine last longer. "

Hisiru3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

"That's with the 3D effects activated. The company guesses that people who keep the 3D turned off could get as many as eight hours."

He is obviously talking about 3DS games in this sentence as DS games has no 3D effect lol. And can you read the part "that's whit the 3D effects activated"? He is saying that 3~5 hours is for 3D effects activated. This is coming from Nintendo man, your source is saying "but slider position details not known", so your source is not saying if 3D turned off will affect the battery life or not, your source doesn't even know the affect of 3D in the battery life. If you want to ignore it so you can feel better, that's ok for me.

Also, pay attention to your source again, because its old news, and my source is newer. Your source has OLD information and my source has NEW information, is that hard to understand? And why is 8+ hours for the 3DS bothering you so much?

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a_bro3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

"Will the NGP hurt 3DS sales?"

it depends on the price.

Pricing was one of the reasons why the PSP couldnt beat the DS.

EDIT: yes, Software as well, i agree.

NYC_Gamer3797d ago

and who has more appealing software

a_bro3797d ago

i still remember when the launch price for the PSP was $250 at the time compared the $150 DS.

That $100 difference didnt help at all.