TPSN Street Team Invades PlayStation Home

ediddy999 writes: "As many of you know PlayStation Home was poppin last Friday night with a Killzone 3 event. As part of CGN, the TPSN Street Team mounted up and went ruff rydin. Take a look at the fun that was had in these screens. Remember whenever we invade Home all that happens is fun."

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ediddy9993795d ago

Home is always better when the TPSN street team hops on.

Jon_Mclane3795d ago

You can't spell Home without Fun.

XMBeaner3795d ago

You also can't spell TPSN Ruff Ryde or Die with out F U N.

rockleex3795d ago

With that, I'll be sure to pass the next Spelling Bee contest!

Neo Nugget3795d ago


Damnit, you're right!