Bulletstorm PC requires persistent Internet connection

It seems Electronic Arts is going to "pull a Ubisoft" while "protecting" People Can Fly's ludicrous shooter from common thieves. The news comes from EA's own product disclosure page, where it states, "PERSISTENT INTERNET CONNECTION AND ACCEPTANCE OF END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT REQUIRED TO PLAY."

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josh143993798d ago

i guess i won't be getting this anymore.

Scarfy3798d ago

How is it gay?

Gay as in happy?
Or gay as in homosexual?
Or do you mean gay as in pathetic and rubbish?

Or maybe you mean gay as in a homosexual who is always very happy, despite the fact that he is pretty rubbish at everything that he applies himself to?

ComboBreaker3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

to express how stupid EA's decision is, and having nothing to do with homosexuality.

Having said that, your response is pretty offensive to homosexuals.

" as in a homosexual who is always very happy, despite the fact that he is pretty rubbish at everything that he applies himself to..."

gamingdroid3798d ago

LOL, the response to an offensive comment is another equally as offensive comment in the same vein!

hay3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

It's potential BS. This article says differently.

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LunaticBrandon3798d ago

I'm sure they'll be surprised when no one buys the game. Of course they'll blame piracy for low sales. With the way EA acts with every other game they publish I'm shocked the PC version of Battlefield 3 is getting its own engine. Battlefield 3 is probably going to cost $200 because it sounds to good to be true.

gamingdroid3798d ago

Yet, it seems nobody still notices EA's evil. So far:

- EA introduced EA Pass on console games
- EA is now also supporting persistent connection for PC gaming

I don't like price increases, but I don't mind it primarily because it doesn't take my freedom away.

Price increases seems reasonable because games have gotten cheaper if you adjust for inflation looking back 20-years ago. Back then a game would cost $80 and that is closer to a $150 today. Then you consider how much more work it took to create this modern game and how much more quality entertainment the game is packed now and it is a no brainer. The game offers a lot more....

One should really start taking a hard look at EA... I'm avoiding all EA games if I can.

Charmers3798d ago

The problem with the price increase gamingdroid is that PC gamers are now paying the same price as console gamers. Yet at least $10 of the console price is the "console royalty" fee. The PC has no royalty fee so why should we be paying the same price as console gamers ?

gamingdroid3798d ago

You have a good point, and I'm not advocating increases in game prices. However, one can always argue that it seems most game developers aren't making enough to sustain their business cost, let alone make a profit.

In your example, I could have equally have said that the PC tax is due to the fact that not as many copies of PC games are sold as console games and many more are pirated. This creates additional cost in piracy prevention and support of pirates. Yes, pirates will ask for support from the developers/publishers.

GrilledCheeseBook3798d ago

I still won't even buy a Ubisoft even though they lessened their DRM to online check on start up only. It's still shitty and their are so many other games available it isn't hard to just say fuck the game that will give the largest headache for actually purchasing it.

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