Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Launch Window Games No One Wants []

The Nintendo 3DS launch library isn't the strongest we've seen in years. What launch window titles should gamers avoid at all costs?

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Dark_Charizard3750d ago

Nintendogs, Dead or Alive and Street Fighter will definitely be awesome! Steel Diver, Resident Evil and Pilotwings show some promise.. I hope they're great too. PES and Madden have had positive hands on reception: They will be good no doubt. Super Mario Land & Zelda: Link's Awakening DX are available on Virtual Console in 3D.

^ I think that's a decent selection.

TheSanchezDavid3750d ago

It's a very decent selection, though I'm not completely sold on Steel Diver just yet. There's another top 5 list featuring the 3DS games that day one buyers should definitely keep an open for, and a couple of the ones you mentioned are on that list.

firefoxprime3750d ago

Hmm...tough question. I'd basically just list half-baked ports/lame casual games...but I'm biased to that. I despise casual games. Go walk into a Gamestop and look at the DS section. What you see will haunt you forever...

Honestly, regardless of what I think are boring games, other might like them. Ex: Nintendogs/SteelDiver

While me(action buff) will lean to SSFIV3D and KH:3D

eggbert3750d ago


Neko_Mega3750d ago

The list is pretty weak on the month it comes out and most of the better games come out next month after it comes out.

TheObserver3750d ago

I want Megaman Legends 3.

3750d ago
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