Gears of War 3: The Saving Grace for Xbox 360′s Hardcore Gamer?

GB: "When Gears of War launched on the 360 back in 2006, it felt like the Xbox 360 had truly received its first defining title. With intense action, a dark and brooding story and some of the best graphics we had ever seen on a home console, GeoW was an instant hit with the hardcore gamer scene that the 360 had been attracting since its initial release. Yet, despite the GeoW series continuing to refine its formulae and appeal to the core gamer, the Xbox 360 in general has seen a shift in focus moving further toward the family and casual gaming market with the recent release of the Kinect motion controller. With Gears of War 3 hitting stores later this year, will it be the rallying call for the hardcore gamers to come and reclaim the system that is rightfully theirs?"

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crystalnova20043793d ago

Four player co-op has been a long time coming in Gears and I reckon it will be the defining feature of number 3. Though Beast mode does sound pretty cool as well.

DualConsoleOwner3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

1 game cannot save Xbox 360 especially when PS3 is getting multiple games of same quality.

Xbox 360 is hardcore no more... it went skittles on us.

@Xstation79. you sound butt hurt...
PS3 has been outselling Xbox 360 for more than three years worldwide.

name any other exclusives?? Forza and what else??

Bioware, Valve, Bungie has left MS. and it seems like EPic is moving towards multiplatform..

With bungie gone, Halo will suffer quality issue.

xstation793793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I don't know if your stupid or not but there are several games coming to the 360 this year. This site is a fucking joke, it has nothing but ps3 fankids with nothing better to do than talk shit about the 360. Maybe if actually spent your time buying and playing games for the ps3 it wouldn't be in last place.

Washington-Capitals3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Lol @ the people above me, i agree and disagree with both of you. First the xbox is a great gaming console, doesnt have the great first party support but the online experience is much better and if i had a choice to buy a Call of Duty game or some other popular multiplayer game i would buy it on Xbox, since M$ prioritizes itself on securing dlc and it seems publishers focus on making the online experience better on 360 then PS3.

I disagree that the ps3 is in last place. It very competitive in the market and sales are showing. Not that i care, i just enjoy playing games and as long as they keep supporting i will be happy.

@DualConsoleOwner how come you are so anxious to state the xbox has no games when i would assume from your username that you own both consoles, wouldnt that make you stupid for buying an xbox and bashing it? And if you dont like xbox soo much why are you here on an xbox GAME related article commenting about how the SYSTEM sucks? Seems you are the one who is butt hurt or have something that you are insecure about.

Finally, YES n4g is a joke, i am a one console owner (ps3) and i find that it is full of ps3 fanboys who just lament other consoles and blindly follow a few popular opinions here. Its disgusting but the best way is to ignore, i know its hard.

ComboBreaker3793d ago

who doesn't like Gears, then the 360 is pratically over for me.

seinfan3793d ago

It's not like anybody buys multiplat games for the 360, right? You are an idiot.


Honestly Everyone already owns a 360... The only reason the slim is selling is because the origional version was so bad... noisy and no wi fi equals Fail. I was going to get a slim but I just dont think Halo and Gears (and to be fair Resistance) are TRULY serious FPS compared to Battlefield Uncharted COD or Killzone. I dont like the unrealistic over the top fps... Sorry bulletstorm but no realism no buy for me. I wanted to get a slim this year but the 2 gig version for 200 dollars is a rip off imo. I am going to wait for the slim to go down in price

darksied3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What you said is true, but the question was whether Gears 3 will be the saving grace on the 360 for hardcore gamers, not whether it will be able to compete solely against the entire ps3 lineup. I believe that is IS a saving grace, because so far MS has not promised much on the system that will appeal to hardcore fans (as far as exclusives).

I for one can't wait for this game. This is the gears game that 2 should have been (dedicated servers -> NO LAG).

I don't think Gears 3 at all competes with the ps3 because this will be a killer year for Sony, but it will be a good game regardless; hardcore gamers on the 360 should all pick it up and play it so I can chainsaw you all :)

kancerkid3792d ago

I forgot that hardcore gamers only buy exclusives...

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cannon88003793d ago

I'm a PS3 guy but I always thought that the Gears of War games were really fun to play especially when you were with another buddy.

Eyeco3793d ago

yeah once you play through gears with a friend its pretty hard to play the game on your own

malandra3793d ago

when the first Gears come out in 2006 it was very impressive in both gameplay and graphics, the second one was good but more of the same, it barely had any graphics improvements and no gameplay improvements at all (in any case the gameplay was worse because it was too easy)

from what we seen the third one looks a lot like the others two and the changes are just supperficial

only one hardcore exclusive game in a 2011 is not enough reason to own a 360, which is casual oriented now, and it seems unlilely that they will announce another AAA core exclusive at E3 that will released this same year, unless it's something quickly put together and bad like crackdown 2 or left 4 dead 2

malandra3793d ago


there's only two hardocore exclusives announced for the 360 this year: gears 3 and forza 4, that's it, by the time those two hit the market, PS3 will have released at least a dozen exclusives this year (littlebigplanet 2, killzone 3, socom 4, infamous 2, sorcery, yakuza 4, motorstorm 3, ratchet and clank one for all, resistance 3, the last guardian, Uncharted 3, twisted metal, etc)

Xcom has a PC version and the Crtytek's Kingdoms was never given a release date or release window, the rest of the stuff that you can not get pn PC or PS3 are just casual Kinect games

360 is done, obsolete and casual oriented, we need Sega back on the console market or PS3 will be the onle place for core gaming

theIMP3792d ago

LOL, and out of all the games on your list I am interested in 3 maybe 4 of them. Half the games on that list were on the fanboys list last year too. The 360 had a better line up last year with the 10'000 games listed in every article on N4G, and while I would be a fool to say Sony's line up isn't much stronger than the 360's this year, MS isn't going anywhere, and you'd be a fool for really thinking that. There are way to many multi-plats this year to be ringing the victory bell just yet. I know my 360 will be getting plenty of play this year and only fanboys only count exclusives as the only games coming out.

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cyborg3793d ago

maketh a console or breaketh it either.

nuff said

gameseveryday3793d ago

What if it's the only game for a console? (this comment is not related to the article)

Also you need to read stuff. The article does not talk about the Xbox 360's downfall, in fact it talks about Gears 3.

People dont read /facepalm/

jetlian3793d ago

you should reread the opening paragraph!! Talking about a shift and is this a rallying for hardcore. Umm I'm looking at plenty of hardcore games.

Tinasumsum3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Another Kinect slash hardcore article. One month into the year and 3 months after Kinect and garbage media are trying to shape reality. There is nothing but hardcore games coming out this year that we know of. GDC isn't even hear yet let alone E3 and the other big shows. Why do people annually make up BS about some kind of software challenge?

-360 has no games
-360 games are all shooters
-360 has no casual games
-360 only has hardcore games
-360 only has hardcore gamers
-360 Kinect will leave the hardcore behind
-360 only has one game that can save it I hand picked
-360 is just a hardcore console
-360 is nothing but a casual console
-Microsoft doesn't care about their cash cow-hardcore gamers anymore because they only care about Kinect casuals
-360 will be beat because it's the Year of PS3 5 times over

ActionBastard3793d ago

I can't wait to see how they turned a game (Steel Battalion) that used 2 sticks, 3 pedals and 40 buttons...into a Kinect game. Oh the fun!

candystop3793d ago

I can't wait to see either what they plan one doing with the controls. Could end up being a hybrid but who knows. Whatever the case I don't see why you would care anyway.

Arnon3792d ago

Why is it that every year, the same article states "The Xbox 360 only has "X title" to save it", and by the end of the year, there's a good 10-12 exclusives that have come out for the console alongside a wide array of multiplatform titles?

It doesn't make sense. People continuously spout "the 360 only has Halo" or "the 360 only has Gears", and somehow, Sony's entire line-up for this year is nothing but sequels. Odd.

Next, we're gonna hear "the 360 only has Alan Wake. I mean look. There's an Alan Wake 2 coming out!" All the while trying to ignore the fact that Playstation fans have received:

Killzone THREE
Little Big Planet TWO
Uncharted THREE
Ratchet & Clank FOUR (current gen)
Gran Turismo FIVE
White Knight Chronicles TWO
Yakuza FOUR

But... I guess it's only good for Sony when they release sequels. Nobody wants:

Gears of War 3
Forza Motorsport 4
Alan Wake 2
Panzer Dragoon 7
Steel Battalion 2

Man, talk about a double standard. Let me guess, when a new IP comes out for the Xbox 360, it's going to be the "only game of the year for the Xbox" right?

Sitris3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

You just proved what we say, Sony doesn't depend upon one game, it has all those games you have mentioned, I don't get your point, of the games you mentioned, there are 3 GOTY winning series, 1 shooter, 1 racer, 1 plat former, 1 open world super hero game, 1 3rd person action game, 1 JRPG and 1 open world crime game. So what was your point again, MS does rely on the big series in Halo and Gears, is that a bad thing? It depends on whether you like those series or not, without Gears and Halo, and to a lesser extent CoD, then the xbox brand would be nothing.

Arnon3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

How could you not get what I'm saying?

Alan Wake
Panzer Dragoon
Steel Battalion

And somehow Microsoft depends upon one game? You're either purposely acting ignorant when you say that Microsoft only has "x game for the year", or you're trolling. Either or, it doesn't really matter, as there's always a good 10-12 titles that come out by years end, and by this time next year, you're going to be saying the same thing.

Once again, double standard. It's like me saying "Sony only relies on Killzone", when it's not true. Are you now saying that Microsoft should release one of each of these titles every year? No wait, that would only result in "Microsoft only relies on Forza, Gears, Halo, Alan Wake, "X-title that came out this year", etc." with the "Xbox 360 has only 1 game" list growing each year.

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insomnium23793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Nothing but multiplat hardcore games coming out......for the x360 atleast. This is the problem. The x360 camp was so arrogant and cocky in 2005 through 2007 about "it's all about the games" and such. Now when the x360 is CLEARLY running out of steam when put beside the PS3 we shouldn't remind about the things they said? All the cocky childish things.

If you weren't one of THOSE insane people back in 2005 with all the doom and gloom against the PS3 this does not concern you.

I can't stand the new gen PS3 fans who bash the x360 for the sake of bashing it. I personally on the other hand KNOW MS and x360 and their supporters deserve every harsh word they get for making unjustified stabs at Sony and PS3 for 3 full years since the beginning of this gen.

Tinasumsum3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Poor Sony little o'l Microsoft has been so mean to Sony. Sony has had nothing but good things to say about Microsoft ;) What the heck was most of your comment about?

Flaming the 360 lineup won't help PS3 outsell the 360.

deadreckoning6663793d ago

@Tinasaumsum- Don't waste ur breath on these people dude. They live on the Internet and have no effect on what goes on in the outside world.


yet the ps3 outsold the 360 worldwide by over 2million please go read facts before commenting. i could careless for sales tina you are whats wrong with gaming.sad thing is ms get away with having no games because of obsessed cult followers like you.what have you had to play in jan? what AAA exclusive games have you got for february? or april?

jetlian3793d ago

give us the numbers phoenix. what AAA games you playing? AA maybe but AAA naw.

Hate to bring you the news every game sony brings isn't A classed.

Insom: Difference in 06 was ps3 had not games for real. MP were unplayable on ps3 and your 1st party was lacking. MS has plenty of Hardcore games coming from 3rd party so no point making games in that area. Kinect is for casuals. they got there bases covered.

insomnium23793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )


You are just trying to be adorable with your comment about "mean things". How about unprofessional hmmm? I have never ever seen any other company slinging as much mud as MS did in 2005-2008. Never. The best part is that most of their mudslinging was totally unjustified juvenile attacks out of their own insecurity.

Still no matter how OBVIOUS the BS was in their comments and in the media back then they could not stop the PS3. Now all they do is cry just like you. I just read your edit in your original comment #3 and I can confirm you it has been the year of the PS3 every single year since 2008 no matter how you try to slice it in your favour. I'm sorry to brake it to you.


I played Resistance online and it was smooth since day one here in europe. You talk out of your ass. Same with Motorstorm.

Just like I said you were so cocky back then and laughed at PS3 supporters with "delaystation" and "waitstation" no matter how obvious the reason was for the lack of games. There is no console that had everything going for it since day one. Name one if there is.

MS had games for hc gamers. Stress the word HAD. Since 2008 x360 has been eating PS3's dust with games. Sales has always been in favour of the PS3.

It was so fun for you guys to have fun and laugh at the PS3 for not having games when you were winning by default due to the later launch of the PS3. Now when the playing field has evened out you cry and run away. How about staying put and being an adult and admitting you were wrong and your behaviour was childish hmmm? Where is the backbone?

jetlian3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

your out of bubbles but I guess you have another account insomnium. I too have resistence and you know what its the reason I never got part 2. Its not a bad game just average to the tee and boring at that.

Motorstorm was really average too. no local MP killed the game.

YOU SAID TO TINASUM MS so much mudsling in 06-08 wheres the proof of this please. Fanboys yea.. MS nope.Sale in favor of sony when? not the first year of ps3 release!! and throughout all other years its been iffy. Xbox is in 35 countries vs Sony 50+. Sony looking at china right now.

This also why MS and sony both say they winning in Europe because some countries are mostly related to EU.

What defines year of any system. HAVING 20 GAMES noone wants doesn't give you the win. 08 had what on ps3 outside MGS4 which most people agree was the weakest of the series.resistence 2. I'll take gears 2,fable 2, l4d,ninjaG2,TOVesperia,etc

Inside_out3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Nothing like one of the best games and franchises ever made to bring out the whiners from the " were number 3 " club.

The thread of course has been over run with kids talking about stuff that doesn't matter and nothing to do with

Where to begin...Pay attention...

Gears Of War was launched in 2006...the gaming world would never be the same again. Rumors were surfacing about a game that would render Sony's supercomputer redundant. It was the game that forced M$ to increase the memory of the 360 and was called the billion dollar add on. M$ had to make a decision about which contract to award...either Valve and Half-life or a new franchise fron Epic's up and coming Cliffy B. They decided to go with the new franchise because Valve was notorious for not offering a solid launch date.

The game was be shown behind close doors. Rumors were circulating that this game would change everything. Guns with chainsaws cutting enemies in half. Incredible graphics and physics and the best cover system in gaming. The reveal was scheduled for early 2006 at E3, director Cliffy B would show the game...could the 360 run against mighty Sony and the supercomputer...

WoW...this game could release today and still blow people away. Every bullet counts. Massive damage from shotguns, chainsaws...fleshy, bloody bits splashing everywhere. At one point an arm ended up on the game do you want to compare this DEMO to???

After the demo showing...People fainted and babies cried with jubilation as the little processor that could dropped a nuclear sized chainsaw melee attack on mighty Sony's a$$.

Yep, the next gen was here and M$ was playing for keeps. To add insult to injury multi-plats were running far better on the Xbox 360 than the supercomputer...what was going on??? GOTY Bioshock had to be downgraded to run on the PS3 as did many multi-platform games like Valve's famous Half-life series. Valve said Sony should just start over. Rumors began to spread the supercomputer was near impossible to code for. Panic began to set in. Sony called the third party community lazy...O_o.

Unfortunately, not much has changed. RDR, GOTY for 2010 was downgraded to run on the super computer as were many other titles. M$ is still out front by millions even while not selling much outside of NA. Gears is still doing things that are not possible on the PS3.

While gears 1 had a solid single player campaign and co-op...Gears 3 will crank it up to 11 with features like:

Single player,
4 player story based co-op
Horde/firefight mode
dedicated servers
New enemies
new melee
new everything...all on a regular old Dvd running the same rez as the competition at 720p 30/fps.

Gears 3 campaign game play...

Multi-player footage...

Cliffy B commentary on Gears 3 features with footage...

Sony has come a long way from those very dark early days and will have a great 2011. KZ 3 and Res 3 being the best the system has to offer.

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Tinasumsum3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

You don't know what is coming out because the 2011 360 lineup has not been announced. And gamers buy multi platform games more than they do exclusives on any platform. That is where most of the money is made. The power house 3rd party studios are making the better games. Hardcore gamers prefer to play the most important games to them on the 360.

On any given year Microsoft announces 80 to 90 percent of the lineup for that year at the first game event of the year through the last. This is why PS3 fanboys say 360 has no games every year but the 360 ends up matching or having more exclusives.

Every year fanboys and self described journalist say this about the 360 but this year it's more intense with real goldfish memory complexes because the PS3 is getting beat and fanboys are getting desperate.

maverick403793d ago

Out of Microsofts 1st party devs, what games do you think will be announced for 2011 that's not kinect focused? Give me an educated guess please without calling me a fanboy. Remember, ps3 will be getting all the lovely 3rd party games the xbox is getting.


Lack of exclusives, turns the console more generic.

Biggest3793d ago

"You don't know what is coming out because the 2011 360 lineup has not been announced."

Not sure if you missed it but. . . 2011 is already happening. Should people wait for 2012 to have the line-up announcement for 2011?

m23453792d ago

wow, this guy is funny.

ironmonkey3792d ago

360= no games. ps3=tons of more games and better.

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ComboBreaker3793d ago

-360 has no games
-360 games are all shooters
-360 Kinect will leave the hardcore behind
-360 only has one game
-Microsoft doesn't care about their cash cow-hardcore gamers anymore because they only care about Kinect casuals
-360 will be beat because it's the Year of PS3 5 times over

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psb3793d ago Show