Marvel vs Capcom 3: Mission mode gameplay video

The mission mode is shown in a new video

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RockmanII73796d ago

SWEET They brought the training room back from MvC2! I hope that you will be able to play on it in multiplayer games like you could in MvC2, behind the clown stage that was my favorite level.

morkendo233796d ago

hmmm, what is the red H ???

american_ninja3796d ago

This is a missions mode? Just doing specific moves?

Geesh, even the mini-games in the old Street Fighter games were more creative.

lightningsax3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Believe it or not, this isn't a new thing; it's brought over from the oft-overlooked (for good reasons) Street Fighter EX series - Capcom's first real try at making SF in polygonal 3D. Yeah, the home of such luminaries as Skullomania and Doctrine Dark. I had a Dreamcast, SFEX+alpha, and some time on my hands at one point, and I tried getting through the Mission Mode (after all, it helped you get the cool-for-their-time Cycloid characters).

It was a maddening ordeal. Sure, at first it's "Do this move, do that move." However, once you get through those, it's "This move, HK, MK, Crouching MP, This other move, this other move, this other ultra move."

You basically have to either learn the exact amount of time (frames of animation) any move takes, and execute each one exactly after the move "ends" in the eyes of the game, or give up. Enough of that, and you're headed straight to Arkham on a stretcher.

Ruggadagod3796d ago

gonna look into it when i get the game.