New Kinect SSX title in development?

Gamersmint: A new SSX title made exclusively for Kinect might very well be in development.

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DigitalRaptor2870d ago

It's probably Kinect functionality for Deadly Descent that Microsoft is preparing to market.

psb2870d ago

I don't see why they'll register multiple domain names for a already announced title. I would love to see a new title developed from scratch which supports Kinect tbh.

anthraxCZ2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

well, it is 50/50 - microsoft sucks at bringing core kinect exclusives, but it would be weird to reserve domain just for presenting one of the features of full game

fingers crossed for ssx kinect, that would be awesome

christian gamer: there is no core game on the market yet and we havent seen anything from draco, codenamed d, haunt, rise of nightmares, steel batalion yet, so it is a bit irrelevant

ChristianGamer2870d ago

Microsoft sucks at bringing core titles to kinect huh? Like what? Top Spin 4? Next Tiger Woods? Project Draco? Codename D? Haunt? Rise of Nightmares? Steel battalion? Oh yeah, microsoft are terrible at bringing core games to kinect

poindat2870d ago

If this is true, then all it means is another half-baked cash-in trying to make quick and easy money off of the SSX name. I'm really disappointed that SSX is going the way of the Tony Hawk series.

Wake me up when we see a PROPER new SSX game... -.-

Bigpappy2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

"ChristianGamer" is coprrect. Kinect has only been on the market for 3 months. M$ has not used it as a tack on to existing game, but has instead tried to bring Kinect featured games to the add-on. There are new abilities being shown almost on a daily basic, which will suggest that the software is sill a work in progress to do many of the thing developer would like to do with the tech. Having a hack demo is one thing, but developing and selling a full game using some of those ideas will take time to fine tune and get right. You can't just rush half bakes fresh ideas out there, they have to be solid and polished, to try and improve on what Rare has done with Kinect Sports, right out the gate.

People who are suggested that M$ just release Kinect supported games with out taking the time to properly develope the software to support the ideas, are just people who have no real interest in the tech, people who are trying to fuel a motion control, fanboy war, or people who think it is just as simple as going into a studio and making a music video (even that takes time to get right).

DigitalRaptor2870d ago


What's the point in waiting and seeing the results of these developmental excursions, when by the time they have been implemented in a way that works relatively well, the industry will have moved on to the quality content that the other companies are actually offering?

I mean we all know by now that Kinect is not the "future of gaming" that Microsoft half-promised. So why should we give them the benefit of the doubt, when these excursions are just a waste of time for everybody?!

Biggest2870d ago

I'll bet $50 that it plays the same way as Sonic Free Riders. I'll also bet that some mainstream gaming journalist will claim that it is still innovative and new this time around.

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cyborg2870d ago

Perfect game for Kinect.

divideby02870d ago

I think movements are to slow to really enjoy the game as you can wit a controller... Last Tony H. game with the board was a bust

Redempteur2870d ago

after playing sonic free riders , i'm sure of it kinect isn't meant to have a SSX titles unless they magicaly fix the lagguy trun , improve the response time .

At least This ssx kinect will have better races ..i hope .

wazzim2870d ago

Well, it was updated and I don't think Sega had much time for making it really responsive since it was a launch title and all.

Bigpappy2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Are you suggesting that: if saga could not get it right at launch, no body can, an should not even try?

I think you will see the next Tony Hawk use Kinect and may be even move and wii. But the the Kinect version will obviously be completely different from the other two (you don't skate with your hands). But I could see it being implemented for all 3. Tony Hawk should have been the first out of the gate with this, but they wanted to sell that board they spent so much R&D$ on.

@Neko: They can't just tack on Kinect. It will not work properly, and no one will buy it. Sonic was a goo idea, but was make very early in Kinect's development, and is an example of what I was speaking about above relating to being solid and polished before release. I do understand though, that there was a lot of pressure to make launch, and some developers may not have forseen the massive appeal that the tech would generate.

Redempteur2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

ok not only that true problem is the lack of sentations for all that physical effort i'm making. Making a pose and making the game work (worth playing ) is important .. but i didn't feel anything ...i'm making a pose and " what ?"

at least when i use my pad .. the effort i'm making ( physical ) is limited ( my hand ... tops ) so all my mind ( in SSX or tony hawk case ) is focused to perform the tricks , getting the bonuses ect ect .. but when i played most of my mind was focused on staying on the track .

i really hope someone can make it work.. but i doubt it will happen soon .

Don't get me wrong but when playing those kind of games're mostly into the fun of riding , sliding , skying ..ect ect the interface and the controls shouldn't even matter .

IF EA manages to make it work i'll be really happy ( i can be wrong , i'm human after all ).. but right now i my guts feeling is that it's impossible for now . good luck EA to make me wrong .. i can't wait

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