Mass Effect 2 Reviewed: Throwing PS3 Fanboys a bone. Just barely.

If you haven't begged, borrowed or stolen a PC or an Xbox 360 to play Bioware's superlative Mass Effect 2, now would as good a time as any. Sure the PS3 version of the game is the new hotness after all, this is what the review is about, but it is, for the lack of a better term, a huge, shambling mess of a game. The cover might give you a sense of security that you're getting more than what you paid for, what with being bundled with a ton of DLC on the disc, the fact of the matter is, it all goes downhill even before you put the disc into your PS3.

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Shanks2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Someone is mad.
Your tears are delicious.

LORD-PHOENIX2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

he is spitting mad.....i think its due to mass effect series was a feather in 360s cap and now all 360 has really is gears and halo as true blockbuster's and exclusives and who knows what epic will do with gears as the exclusivity ends after the 3rd game. guess we shouldnt point the author to IGNs article how ps3 me2 is the best version out of the pc and 360 versions

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Istanbull2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Why would anyone give this game a 5/10? The only fanboy here is the reviewer.

What were the criteria?

Gameplay? same as 360/PC
Graphics? same as 360/PC
Music? same as 360/PC
Story? same as 360/PC

Hell even if you are so butthurt about the PS3 release, nothing can justify this pathetic 5/10.

Pixelated_Army2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


don't hold anything back brah, it's not good for your health... let it out brah.

"Aiming is slightly easier with the dual shock 3 controller."

Oh snap! I guess this settles that issue. lol

blahblah2820d ago


who could rate it 5/10?

i could. but then again, i really didn't like mass effect (on any platform) with its speech wheels, flaky gameplay, boring action and quality drop between cg (above average, especially voice casting) and game (bellow average with really boring environment)

if i buy this game it will be used and there will really need to be lack of games

evilmonkey5012820d ago

I own this game for both systems. I'm going to disagree with the reviewer. I downloaded the Ps3 version from the PSN.I have downloaded and installed bigger games than this, so I Don't see what the deal is. I also haven't noticed the frame rate disparity he is talking about. Mass Effect rocks no matter what system you play it on. It deserves the same rating as the xbox version. This is not a "Bayonetta or COD" port.

I think everyone should own both systems anyway...that way you can be subjective and not fanboyish.

Ares84PS32820d ago

This article is so full of hatred towards the PS3, I don't understand how it made it to the main page. This should be spam and disregarded. Whoever approved of this must be a HUGE PS3 hater and in that regard showed us how much intelligence he/she has.

As for the author, the biggest moron I've seen in years. I hope that no one is paying him for this nonsense he calls a "review".

The game is great. It has been great since it's been released on the 360. What made it so much worst on the PS3??? Nothing, it only got improved on.

The author should be banned from video game journalism because it's obvious that he is a bias moron.

MysticStrummer2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Based on my time with the demo alone... I agree with this review score. The story may be mindblowing, but ME2 (from the demo) appears to have some of the most unexciting gameplay of this generation.

Crazyglues2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

you know the thing I don't understand is, "Longer load times."

Really, maybe it's because I have the 12GB install on hard-drive... but load times don't seem long at all... So I'm wondering is the Disc version really that bad???

Because load times for me are like 2 secs.. -I wish someone did a comparison because I don't notice no kind of long load times.. so I would really recommend the hard drive option.

-It would seem hard drive is the way to go if you have 12GB's free...

(I got a 500gb in my baby, and it was the best investment I ever made)


DualConsoleOwner2820d ago

the loading is way shorter.. google it if you dont believe me.

HolyOrangeCows2820d ago

An article with "xbox fanboy" in the title wouldn't last two minutes on the front page of N4G. Mods would never allow it. Now go ahead mods. Censor this comment like any time someone questions this site's moderation.

How low this site has sunk...

DORMIN2820d ago



I wonder what he is going to do when they announce Gears of War on the PSP2...

Oner2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

OK, lets see how do I do this again...oh I remember now ~ I move my mouse cursor to under the words "Read full review >>"

I click on ""

Press/Select "WTF" on the left for "Story Quality"

Then Press/Select "No" on the right for "Like this website?"

And viola! I have done my part to hopefully keep these BS sites at bay...anyone else care to join? ;)

Dee_912819d ago

i think a ps3 fanboy made this
just to feed the ps3 games get bad reviews thing

has to be ...

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JsonHenry2820d ago

I hardly think that ME2 is better on the PS3 than the PC...

knowledge4lfe2820d ago

its not. i have all 3 versions. and the pc blows away the ps3 version. its not even funny. im a sony FANBOY. check all my comments. but the pc just blows away the consoles.

JsonHenry2820d ago


I know man, but it makes me sick when some people are such fanboys they make statements like that. It isn't that someone doesn't like Sony, the comparison to a PC just isn't fair. IF the PC version is not better than something is really, really, wrong with the game. You know what I mean? It doesn't have anything to do with the PS3, just that the PC better have a visual edge because of the fact the average gaming rig is just so much more powerful.

duplissi2820d ago

what blows me away is that you have it for all three systems... and the only real difference between the three is trophies/achievments/mods

JsonHenry2820d ago

There is a HUGE diff on the PC version compared to the PC version. (visually)

And on top of the added visual extras you can further tweak the visuals through CCC or Nvidia's control panel. (and the mods/texture packs)

tacosRcool2820d ago

I'm still gonna get ME2 for my PS3 instead of PC just cuz of all the other stuff that is included with it. BTW ME2 copies are selling for under $40 on ebay

duplissi2820d ago

well yeah visually the pc version is better.... thats a given but, from what ive seen it isnt a giant leap.

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deadreckoning6662820d ago

@Shanks- I don't know whats more disturbing, the fact that you eat tears...or that eleven people agreed with you :/

insomnium22820d ago

This comment is so adorable. Awww would you look at that.

Simon_Brezhnev2820d ago

@ insomnium2

You know he does it for the attention.

ProGrasTiNation2820d ago

If anyone wants a catch up before they read the comic use youtube/psm3 mass effect.
I played the demo of ME2 & cant wait to play the game,give these guys credit for bringing use(ps3 users)one of the xboxs&pcs greatest games,well at least it was the greatest when they only had it.

egidem2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I figured that some jealous Xbox 360 fanboy out there would get furious looking at the Mass Effect 2 for PS3 and bash it because:

1) It is available in a new improved engine (that makes the 360 version look inferior)
2) The entire game is available on one disc, never needing to change discs if you want to go from one world/cluster/universe to another. Not to mention that all the DLC is also all on the disc for free (Makes the fanboy feel like they wasted money on the 360 version).
3) The franchise is now on the PS3, and so is the next game in the series as well. (What was once Microsoft crown jewel is no more.)

It was just a matter of time before someone got jealous and simply did a rant review. I personally bought ME 2 for Xbox 360 the day before EA announced that they would bring it to the PS3...I felt like I had wasted my money. Granted I got the game for a very cheap price, I didn't pay for nor purchase the DLC. I'm currently playing the PS3 version and I'm loving it. Well done EA.

jetlian2820d ago

dling to hard drive longer than changing the disk 100 times. We don't care about exclusives like you do. We play games of all kinds.

(funny thing is most ps3 fans love to say ps3 gives a bigger variety of game types yet kinect can't be included lol)

The reason exclusive important to you is thats all you got for angle in any argument!!!

And the new engine can't beat the xbox 360 old one. SO LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN 360 GETS THE NEW ONE. Your gonna see the same answer you been getting on MP. BET on it

egidem2820d ago

For your information, I did enjoy playing Mass Effect 2 on the 360 as well. The thing is I love the franchise so much that I wanted to replay it on the PS3 and this time try to do something different, like make different decisions, play a different class that sort of stuff, you know, enjoy the game for a second time. :D

What I'm saying is, If you have an option of getting a version that has free DLC content plus an entire game all on one disc, doesn't it make the other version (the one that comes on two discs, looks slightly inferior and makes you pay for the DLC) look pointless if you have both platforms and could afford both?

Ifone2820d ago

@jetlian "The reason exclusive important to you is thats all you got for angle in any argument!!! "

The reason is simplz, the best games this gen, and mist of the time, are exclusives...and the best console has the best one this time.

Pollak2820d ago

The only advantage the PS3 version has is that it is all on one disc. Graphically it's a tie, if anything the 360 version was proven to be the slightly better one but it's a moot point. As far as actual value goes, if you buy the 360 version and all the DLC it is still cheaper than the PS3 version. In the end the PC or 360 is the better option for the whole Mass Effect save import.

jetlian2820d ago

in your little world they are ifone. Yet MP games are the most bought and played.

Egidem lol huh. What your saying makes no sense. First why would someone re buy a game to play it over(not saying you did buy) Second why wait a year for the same game. Third if you didn't buy 360 then its still cheaper that getting ps3 version.

Also there gliches on overload and other areas

Achemki2820d ago

You need to buy Mass Effect 1 on 360 to use the save import. Added cost. You don't have to buy a 2nd game on PS3 to simulate the same thing.

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malandra2820d ago


I played ME2 on 360 and now I played for the third time on the PS3 and the game looks and performs IDENTICALLY

the loading times are faster on the PS3 that they are on the 360 unless you install both DVDs on the harddrive which takes more time than the whole PS3 installation

how much doesn it cost on 360 or PC to have the full game plus the three expansion and not have it on one disc?

really sad

ultimate-remag2820d ago


malandra2820d ago

somehow I get the feeling that IGN's position on the matter that the PS3 version is the best ( will be more trustworthy and listesned to that this sad 360 fanboy's rant

Eyeco2820d ago

well im gonna enjoy this game a whole lot more knowing that it the hell out of 360 fanboys, thank you Technoholik for this asshurt review. :)

ipe2820d ago

lmao so true

i guess he cant sleep since 360 lost one of few quality half/exclusives. But dont worry, u ll still have on this or next xbox halo and forza every year.

mantisimo2820d ago

Ipe don't be so mean, he still has a plethora of wonderful hardcore Kinect games as well. /s

mantisimo2820d ago

also interesting to note that n1ghtw1ng who submitted this story joined today.

Would like to know who approved this sh!t.

Joking apart this is dreadful and even a fully blown 360 fanboy must realise this is trash.

The real killer2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

He is not mad, he is honest and not overhyped by the rest of those reviewers, mass effect 2 is so over hyped and boring nothing innovative.

But i will not give this game a 5/10 but more 7/10

My son buy this game, and have the same issue what they said. framerate lag and also the grafcihs are just nice, not WOW factore.

It's just a multiplatform nothing more.
----------------------------- --------------------------

"desperate for hits...i guess"

You mean, you are desperate for attention for the agree's you get, man this review is not what you have in mind, for the most people of here.

I'm also not agree with thse 5/10, but 7/10 is what i will give for this game. becouse it's a old game, not stunning grafichs or visual/ storyline is mnot good, gameplay is boring, after 10 hours is will be boring and it's just a multiplat, and multiplat never bring games to a higher level of gaming.

I know i get many disagree's for those people love mass effect 2, but blind they are are confirmed.

zeksta2820d ago

I'm sorry, I lost you at "My son buy this game, and have the same issue what they said. framerate lag and also the grafcihs are just nice, not WOW factore."


gorebago2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

For the over-used unreal engine, this game is sexy as hell

Also it appears that english or at least grammer fails you

hoops2820d ago

So its not innovative? What game is these days. The only two I can think of this generation is Little Big Planet and Spore. Other than that, games this generation are all rehashes of the same genre with better graphics and sounds.
Let me guess Real Killer...I bet you think KZ3 is innovative?

m23452820d ago

i think the 'u mad?' concept would apply here.

visualb2820d ago

fact is

giving a game a 5 out of 10 and crying about it being on another platform doesn't change the fact that the game IS absolutely awesome even on the PS3

the fact PS3 owners can play this masterpiece is awesome

problem? email bioware or EA with your concerns, don't write sad articles like this

RevXM2820d ago

The problem is the lack of polish, and until a patch fixes all the shit up it probably doesnt deserve much better.
Maybe everyone isnt having major issues with their Ps3 copy but some do, which is quite appearant on the Bioware forums.

The game it self is awesome as hell, but when your ps3 freezes and bugs ruins the immersion and play and makes it hard to get the details (like missing dialogue or characters during cinematic scenes), then you certainly cant give this a high score.

But Im waiting on the patch, and wont play the game until then and so I wont place my final judgement on the title until there have been 2-3 patches because Bioware is a nice company and I think they deserves a second chance.

And I think the reviewer is completely mad, he should also give this game a second chance.

Ifone2820d ago

Another stupid blog, anothercstupid review, nothing interesting here...

"throwing a bone" lol, just ignoring the fact that ps3 owners are the more satisfied with their tons of exclusives...

nskrishna22820d ago

5/10? Seriously? Man I seriously can't believe my country has idiots like this guy. Come on, he gives Indians a bad name
And PC version of ME 2 came down to Rs. 500? Lol, that is the same amount of cash I take to college everyday

Sony3602820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

It's always about console wars with you idiots, isn't it.

Maybe this person is just desperate for hits (which you gave him by the way, fangirls).

chriski3332820d ago

trust us ps3 boys dont need a bone we got plenty thanks

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DigitalRaptor2820d ago

OK so according to this bitter maniac, the biggest drawbacks of ME2 for PS3 are nothing to do with the actual game content, but rather minor annoyances.

"The gameplay still remains rocksolid as does the production values in terms of sound and voice-acting. In fact we felt that it plays just slightly better on the PS3 with aiming being easier. The narrative remains intact in spite of the technical tomfoolery. It's as impressive as it was from the opening credits till the epic ending."

How it could score a 5/10 based on this paragraph, I don't know...

--------2820d ago

I think he might literally be a bi-polar, manic depressive 360/PC fanboy + bitter PS3 hater. What a fantastic candidate for an N4G article -.-

ChickeyCantor2820d ago

I think the rating is more towards the PS3 version rather than the content itself.
He is basically saying don't buy the game untill EA elevates these problems

MaximusPrime2820d ago

"Long installation time.
Longer load times.
Low frame-rate, laggy experience"

these are the keys a xbox 360 fanboy use to review a PS3 game. typical

HarryMonogenis2820d ago

Xbox 360 fanboy? How do you know that? For all we know this person could be a PC die-hard.

x5exotic2820d ago

point is....haters gon' hate

Denethor_II2820d ago

Why would a PC fanboy hate losing Mass Effect to the PS3? On the other hand you have the 360 which has no games.

--------2820d ago

"How can I criticize the most powerful console on the market?" (in terms of hardware) I know, I'll make a load of s--t up!

Typical indeed.

ActionBastard2820d ago

I use an ointment for my 2yr old when her butt hurts...he should look into getting some.