HawkEye: Why the developer list has saved the PSP2

CC: "The PSP2 had an uphill battle upon reveal. I refuse to use ‘NGP’, because it’s the most confusing and ridiculous name Sony could have thought of (expect a name change very soon). The 3DS has used its time wisely to get almost every developer under the sun involved in some glasses-free 3D action, and quickly build up a lot of hype. The PSP, meanwhile, has seemingly gone from mistake to mistake, from the very first iteration missing that crucial second nub, culminating in the sales disaster of the PSPGo. The PS3 might be raking in the mouth-watering exclusives, but taking your Playstation experience beyond the living room was a pretty disappointing prospect."

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Pozzle2915d ago

Jeez, it was only just revealed and people think it already needs saving?!

mjolliffe2915d ago

The developer list is extremely impressive. There's no doubt the PSP2 will do well, and the addition of some top quality games wouldn't do it no harm. :)

joeorc2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

may seem a lil negative, but think about How many gamer's an the Media that was asking the simple Question what was Sony going to do with the PSP platform!

there were Questions based on the support of the developer's an how many times the PSP software was not selling very well or How the piracy was a big problem for the Handheld.

What Sony has done right now.

Is how they are moving the Psp platform forward, an if you have not noticed it's moving toward a very good direction in many gamer's eyes. the future for the PSP2 or the NGP or what ever name it will go by.

One of the thing's that like this Opinion piece showed is already the line up of developer's the system already has for games being made. but also what this Opinion piece did not directly talk about is the support many may not be looking at an that is the :


there is One big support structure in place set for the Playstation Platform as a whole. and As this is expanding the PSP platform into more of the Market it shows that Sony is moving with the trends in the Mobile space not against it.

the PSP platform is getting not only a big face lift, but also an expanded support structure for a new Handheld.

this is exciting to say the Least in my Opinion

blackburn52915d ago

@ Pozzle. Just a typical 'Sony hate' responce to everything they do .Everything immediately fails until Sony proves otherwise. Never be optimistic until the final product or until you hear more about it Instead let's list the ways Sony MIGHT fail 9 months in advance.The PSP2 looks like a gamers dream and people are getting nervous.

kharma452915d ago

Give over, it's not the world against Sony.

StbI9902915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

But media against? Still, blackburn has some reason around media reasoning toward sony's product lately years.

But I can presumably tell where they are coming from in this, it was sony fault they gained such a great place in the gaming territory & for the bad rep as well.

Kaz Hiray > Ken anyone? at least he did listen to us, see how well this is shaping up.

"Why the developer list has saved the PSP2?" it may seem a negative question, but all in all, it is pretty positive knowing how bad was the support for the first psp generation.

Half-Mafia2915d ago

im very surprised EA is not on the list.

and im very surprised Activision is supporting it seeing as only about 2 years ago they were saying that there going to drop support for the PS3 if its doesnt get a price drop.

apart from EA who is missing from the list?