What Should The NGP’s Final Name Be? writes "Let’s be honest here, Next Generation Portable is as generic as it gets. Why not just call it the PSP2 and be done with it? Well, I’ve come to one conclusion, Sony is trying to think of a better name, PSP2 isn’t good enough"

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iamnsuperman2870d ago

I think the PSP2 is a good name. NGP sounds as if it isn't part of the playstation brand which is a shame. But whatever the name will be it doesn't matter as long as it has great games

malandra2870d ago

it should be called "Moe"

EeJLP-2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

PSP2 - PlayStation Portable 2

Anything else goes against the consistency of the PlayStation Brand.

I'm also going to go off topic and suggest an abbreviation and pronunciation for the PlayStation Phone:

PSPh (pronounced PSF) for the PlayStation Phone

PS - PlayStation Brand as a whole
PSX - PlayStation 2 / DVR Combo (Also the PS1's prototype: PlayStation X)
PS1 - PlayStation (the 1st console)
PS2 - PlayStation 2 (the 2nd console)
PS3 - PlayStation 3 (the 3rd console)
PSP - PlayStation Portable
PSP2 - PlayStation Portable 2
PSPh - PlayStation Phone

PSNGP - way off from the rest.. It's pretty obvious it won't be called 'Next Generation Portable' though, because the second it releases, it becomes a Current Generation Portable.

Billy_Dee_Williams2870d ago

There is no psp phone. Why dont people realize that the sony ericson xperia play has nothing to do with the psp?

Karum2870d ago

NGP isn't meant to sound like part of any brand, it is nothing more than a codename or working title whilst they decide what they actually want to call it.

Project Natal is another example of a codename or working title, something many products have before the official retail name is finalised.

Heroes on the Move was another recent one that comes to mind, it was just a working title until they figured out they wanted to call the game Move Heroes.

EeJLP-2870d ago

Good comment, just throwing out that I liked the 'Heroes on the Move' name better than 'Move Heroes'...

B-Real2062870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I made a forum topic of this last night and got kind of hated on, but the proof is in the pudding as they say.

I strongly believe that if they wanted to call it psp2 they would have. They named it NGP for a reason. Everyone laughed and had a good time. Now I don't have much proof but this is what was said on the ps blog (us)

Rey Gutierrez | January 29th, 2011 at 4:28 pm
NGP is only a code name, and goes far beyond just calling it a PSP2. E3 will reveal more!

My choice PSP Pro

LightofDarkness2870d ago

Well, history has proven that there's a general (and strange)popularity associated with TLAs (three letter acronyms). Using more letters and numbers makes things sound less snappy and "edgy" somehow. I'm not a behavioral or social scientist so I don't know the nitty-gritties of it all, but going for anything like PSP HD et al wouldn't sound as enticing to a consumer.

The next issue they have is whether or not they want to stick with the PSP branding at all. It's already an established name, but some may associate it with the previous PSP and figure that this device too is "just not for me, I prefer my simpler DS."

Personally, I say stick with NGP. Just call it the "Playstation NGP" or just NGP for short. I think it works.

n4f2870d ago

come on it will be call psp2 im willing to bet

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dtrain212870d ago

Everyone will still call it PSP2...but knowing Sony they will name it somethin stupid like the MOVE.

DeeZee2870d ago

Haha, I think Move isn't too bad of a name, but I agree. Everyone will still call it the PSP2.

hamburger1232870d ago

They should name it PS3GO

or PS3Mini

Rrobba2870d ago

PSP2. What's wrong with that?

d3nworth12870d ago

Maybe Sony trying to be more creative with the names of their console. If you look at nintendo all their consoles have names instead of just but a number at end. Personally I have no problem with psp2. It's easy to remember.

Pozzle2870d ago

I like PSP2. It's easy to remember, and tells people who might not know much about gaming consoles (but still want to buy one) what it is: the second Playstation Portable.

DeeZee2870d ago

That makes sense. I'm just thinking if Sony was going to call it that, they would have announced it as the PSP2. But they'll probably call it something else.

Blaine2870d ago

It's a functional name, yes, but I think the problem is that it's just not catchy. "iPod", "Wii", "DS", "Xbox"; they're a lot more catchy than "PlayStation Portable 2". Me, I don't give a damn what it's called, I'll buy one. But for word of mouth viral advertising, a catchy name would help a lot.

Pozzle2870d ago

Eh. Different strokes for different folks. I don't see how PSP2 is any less catchy than any of those names.

And PSP2 makes more sense than NGP when you compare it to Sony's other console names: PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, etc

xtremexx2870d ago

The Super Ultimate Sub4Sub Ladder Shot Quickscope Flash Grenade Epic Portable Gaming System

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