Kirby's Star (Wii) Debut Gameplay Trailer

The Kirby title in development since the GameCube days resurfaces with new abilities and powered-up attacks.

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Cajun Chicken3798d ago

A real Kirby game. About time too.

Dark_Charizard3798d ago

Hell, it's about time!

- Tychus Finlay

DORMIN3798d ago

Thats the Kirby I know and love! They should have kept the art style of Epic Yarn!

NAGNEWS3798d ago

there is something wrong with Nintendo, are they afraid of losing there fans?

after the psp2 presentation iam seeing a lots of nintendo trailer O.o

kramun3798d ago

Do you expect Nintendo not to make any more games or something?

NAGNEWS3798d ago

dont get me wrong, not a fanboy if you think so!

why all this trailer after sonys presentation.

Muletroid3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

the investors meeting that was scheduled to happen well happened

there are not lots of nintendo trailers its just this small kirby video i don't see how that's allot
from my understanding this vid was never actually meant to be released since its not really a trailer

it was meant for the investors to see not really well us

DenyTheFacts3798d ago

LOL obvious troll.. "After the PSP2 presentation" HAHAHA
Dude you really think Nintendo cares about that? Their handheld will beat Sony's handheld just like in previous generations.

jammydude3798d ago

In sales? Probably
By catering to the 'hardcore' gamer? NOPE.

EYEamNUMBER13798d ago

speak for yourself there are already plenty of core games that i want for the thing already

DenyTheFacts3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

@Jammy "catering to the hardcore gamer" LOLLL
You are a delusional PS fanboy thats what you are..
Before I bought my lovely DS, I had a PSP that I really enjoyed for the first year cause man it was awesome.. Great graphics and all.. But guess what, I haven't touched it since..
Games stopped coming out, controls were too stupid, Sony's support was rubbish and it wasn't even portable.. Couldn't put in my pocket.
You can say that "it caters" to hardcore gamers but I say it sucks dicks. And tbh, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Star fox - all these games are better than GOW and MGS - the only PSP games I enjoyed.

@Pollocks, Games stopped coming out. The controls were too stupid (you had to use the triangle, square, circle and cross to aim) and don't lol because you always bitched about the PSP having only one joystick).
Yes, I can put my nice DS Lite in my pocket.
I do not suck dicks since I am not gay, the PSP on the other hand, does.
You're telling me that MGS and GOW are not just rehashes?

pollocks3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

"You are a delusional PS fanboy thats what you are.. "

Nice assumption you make there. Instantly tells me you're a Nintendo fanboy, and a prepubescent one at that.

"Games stopped coming out, controls were too stupid"

Literally just lol.

" it wasn't even portable.. Couldn't put in my pocket."

Implying the DS can fit in most pockets lol.

"You can say that "it caters" to hardcore gamers but I say it sucks dicks"

Well I say that you, sir, suck dicks.

"Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Star fox - all these games are better than the 2 GOW and MGS"

Implying tirelessly rehashed and ancient franchises like Mario, zelda, Kirby and star fox that nintendo have continually milked for the past few decades are worth more than GOW and MGS games....

Games didn't stop coming out, and I find the DS's controls piss-poor.

The pocket part is a goddamn lie unless you wear a bucket strapped to your penis.

After that reply, I can confirm that you do indeed suck dicks as you point out a handful of MGS games (all but 2 weren't on the PSP) and the same with the GOW franchise, but fail to mention
Over 260 appearances, 60 games based on him.
More than 20 games based on Zelda.
Same again
So milked it's hilarious.

so what were you saying again? Oh, that Nintendo rehashed a bunch of games whose target market was children over and over again and you enjoyed it?
Cool for you. But that's why I preferred the PSP and MUCH prefer the NGP.

rks893798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

@ Pollocks
While what you said is true.............
Uncharted: 2 games this gen ( going to be three this year)
Resistance: 2 games this gen ( going to be three this year)
Ratchet and Clank: 2 games this gen ( going to be three/ not including handheld games)
Killzone: (going to be 2 games this gen.... 3 in 7 years.)
Motorstorm: 2 games this gen( going to be three this year not including handheld games)
You can add the God of War and Metal Gear Solid games that DannytheFacts was mentioning as well.

Now facts are facts and yeah you're right ... Nintendo definately overuses its franchises for what they're worth ... i think the wikipedia links proved that .... but arent Sony doing the same thing? Yes, you could say that atleast these most of these franchises are new ips .... but their still being overused.......

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AWBrawler3798d ago

Reggie did come out and say there will be titles you have to see to believe, and this was well before NGP

Kluv3798d ago

This looks so awesome! I might buy my wii back just to play this game!!!! I just hope it has Plasma, and Yo yo!


We're all used to old school games when it comes to Nintendo. They don't have to change for us. I know it comes a time when things need to change and technology has to evolve through time, but I guess certain things need to be the same. Look at Kirby's Yarn. They did something new with it and I might be wrong, but I think it was the lowest scored Kirby game ever. What does that tell us? Nintendo should keep there franchise games the way they are, but just with a little face lift.

pcz3798d ago

am i missing something? epic yarn got universal praise!

but its not even been released here yet and they are announcing another game in the series? not sure about that move.

i have never played a kirby game before.. or rather, i have never owned one or actually set aside time to play one. so epic yarn will be my first kirby game.

nintendo should have put their resources into a new game, not more kirby. although i suspect they looked at the completely bare wii schedule and started to dig through their gamecube 'canned titles' folders and saw this game and decided to bring it back from the recycle bin. its obvious.

DenyTheFacts3798d ago

Hmm you're kinda wrong man.. Epic Yarn was actually the highest scored Kirby game ever..

Venox20083798d ago

that new Kirby will be announced, I could not get enough of epic yarn! :) such a fantastic game in every way...just wait a lil' bit more :)

..about this title.... .... .... ..... (yeay Kirby's back!!!!) :)

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