GoGamingGiant's Glamour to Glitches

Glitches are everywhere, and what can we do about them; nothing!
So we may as well have fun with them right, thanks to

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maskedaprentice3796d ago

Hah, good article and video. I'd definitely never seen that mass effect glitch, and thats one of my favorite games.

omicron0093796d ago

nice article and video, if you set the music to horror that would be a scary video

zackacloud3796d ago

With all these problems we will see that next COD will sell than this one

Murgatroyd73795d ago

That's hilarious, although the only game I recognized is Mass Effect and that glitch was creepy as hell. The very last one reminded me of Fallout: New Vegas. I was over by Camp Searchlight and all of the Bighorners kept falling and spinning, and then one literally spilled all over the landscape and was stretching out like a big blanket. I ended up killing the poor bastards because it was bugging me.