The Week That Was: January 30 2011

It's not just about the NGP. Actually, we lie. It is all about the NGP: one story ruled above them all this week and that was the unveiling of Sony's successor to the PSP. Not that there wasn't room for controversy, court orders and announcements in the news, and the industry supplied an undercurrent of intrigue that supported Sony's star turn

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JsonHenry3793d ago

The first piece of hardware made by Sony that I have been excited about since I bought my Bravia. Can't wait for this. The OLED screen had me sold.

Masterchef20073793d ago

True this is probably the biggest news of January the announcment of the NGP

DigitalXMedia3793d ago

Mhmm, I wonder if Microsoft is building there own portable gaming system. They have to keep up with Sony's technological advances to stay in the competition.

pcz3792d ago

technology looks amazing

looks a bit too big.. that wont fit in human sized pockets

it will probably be too expensive. like, 300pounds +