A Look Into the Crystal Ball

Who will win this generations console war? TeamXbox takes a look into the future.

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Reed-5375d ago

"Who will win this generations console war? TeamXbox takes a look into the future."
That pretty much says what they are gonna predict

achira5374d ago

yeh, xbox fanboys are so dumb. you should not even read this propaganda.

TheMART5374d ago

Oh yeah that's right. We should just only read and listen to Barbie Ken's/Sony's lies and the sound of you jurking off on these stories.

Ken Kutaragi5375d ago

But they take a pretty unbiased look at the concept. Lots of praise to Nintendo but overall its harsh love all around.

Captain Tuttle5374d ago

You should actually read the article instead of bashing it. It's pretty fair. Any drop in market share for Sony from the PS2 is a loss for them. Anyone who actually knows the business feels that at best, Sony will lead by only a few percentage points. That is a loss for Sony. There's no way you can spin it otherwise.

bohemian 235374d ago

You all pretty much lick Sony's a$$ crack! You are the ba11 lickers. Your pos3 will be lucky to be used as a stand for my 360.

SEER5374d ago

What people don't get is if the Wii can be manufactured quicker because of its simplicity in hardware, and if it sells as a good second console, then it will be the next-gen market leader, with Microsoft and Sony a distant way behind. I thought this would have been recognized.

Dusk5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

Except you discount the fact that as trendy as it has been the last few months for the gaming media to talk about 'revolutionizing' gaming, ala the Wii, many consumers do care about the graphics, HD display, established online service, more polys on screen, etc. When you look at say Madden on all three systems, the Wii looks woefully underpowered compared to the other two systems. In fact, it looks about the same as the original Xbox. This DOES matter to many people, in fact, the majority of consumers. In addition, tilt is extremely gimmicky. It's trendy to talk about it now as 'innovative', but the average consumer (besides kids) doesn't care about it at all. Tilt has been tried before and failed. Finally, game line ups. While the Wii has the strongest kiddie line up, just like the 'Cube, it falls behind the PS3 and 360 especially (360 has the most in development) when it comes to games for an older crowd. Not that the Wii doesn't have any, just not nearly as much as the other two.

While the Wii has a cheap pricepoint which will really help its sales, the above mentioned negatives (plus it already has 'Kiddie' branded on it) will keep it from blowing the competition out of the water, or even being number one. I'm not bashing the Wii, just speaking realistically.

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The story is too old to be commented.