StrengthGamer: Catherine Demo Gameplay goes through the Catherine demo. Here's the unedited, 20-some odd minute footage of it all. Including the deaths.

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WutPleaze2909d ago

Easily the weirdest game I've seen in a very, very long time.

Still going to pick it up when it comes to the US (if it comes that is)

Headquarters112909d ago

WTH is the gameplay? Talk to virtual characters til you get bored?

BlueTroll2909d ago

It's the climbing portions.

femshep2909d ago

if there is no if about it it NEEDS to come here

BlueTroll2909d ago

Yeah Atlus is always solid.

TANUKI2909d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

chiwoo2909d ago

i was a little let down when i heard it was gonna be a puzzle game but after playing the Demo i was impressed with the gameplay i am looking forward to it.

Lirky2909d ago

It'll be a great multiplatform game it seems like a serious game but like with good fun if this was exclusive it wouldnt do good in sales, However when persona5 releases most likely itll be exclusive Since persona games can sell well being just exclusive.

smashman982909d ago

i doubt it'll be exclusive

thats why they're putting catherine out for both xbox and ps3.

to see how many potential buyers of their shin megami tensei games are on each console

Redempteur2909d ago

death ? what deaths ??

Played 3 times already never died it's not that hard if you actually pay attention

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