Paypal accounts for World of Warcraft gold sellers now on notice

Joystiq: Blizzard recently took action to hit World of Warcraft gold sellers right where it hurts: Their wallets. Well, the online services they use to transfer intangible funds from other people's wallets to their wallets, but you know what we mean. The developer has successfully petitioned Paypal to issue notices to the major names in gold selling, warning them that if they didn't stop selling WoW's virtual currency for non-virtual currency, their accounts would be irreversibly suspended.

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farhad2k82822d ago

All I Wanna do is *Gun shots*,
And er.. *Kerching*..
And take your money.

Coolmanrico2822d ago

So let me get this straight, there are actual people who pay real world money for virtual world money.

silvacrest2822d ago

i know right?

quite sad indeed

if blizzard was smart they would just setup there own gold sellers in game, cut the gold farmers right out

this still feels like a hustle to me but there are obviously people who dont mind paying for virtual cash

Shuklar2822d ago

And it took them this long why?

They've been shutting down auctions on eBay for years, and considering Paypal is owned by eBay, you think they would have done this in tandem.

Mikeyy2822d ago

I do wish the Gold sellers would go away. They are the reason accounts get hacked. and I've been the victom of it.

It is true, that If blizzard just sold the gold themselves they would put these scumbags out of business.