1UP | DC Universe Online Review

1up: A wasted opportunity to bring a quality MMO to console gamers.

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Some part of the review does have a point, Am not really feeling any story, i just feel like another Hero doing quests. Despite that i enjoy the game very much, the PVP is excellent and the gameplay is damn good.

Same with every MMO, you have to give it time to build up i mean look at the biggest MMO right now which is WoW am sure it had plenty of faults, and many reviewers nitpicking minors issues but they were all solved later on, WoW became what it is today after a few years of patches and update to encourage and draw them to stay longer because of more things that they could do.

DC may not have a lot of things to do early on the game except a few alerts, and PVP but the endgame content is damn packed at level 30. Hopefully the level cap will be higher and we'll be introduced to more contents.

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The games is just fine... And N4PS3G cared to post this review..

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So, you are implying that only positive reviews for PS3 games should be posted? Opinion nazi much?

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I'm enjoying the crap out of DCUO.

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