Gameplay video of the new Ascension Zombies map in First Strike DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops

Up until now we haven’t seen more than a few fleeting glances of Ascension, the new Zombies map for Cal of Duty: Black Ops which will launch as part of the First Strike DLC. Well that is all about to change as Inside XBox now have available a four minute video of gameplay footage from the new map which is set in an old Russian cosmodrome.

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lugia 40003792d ago

Only idiots will buy this, considering that the undead nightmare costs 800 and vietnam costs 1200.

FAGOL3792d ago

I guess i'm an idiot then. Yh the price is high but the zombies map is a must have. I don't enjoy black ops multiplayer but zombies is amazing. I have 4 friends I usually play zombies with so we just split the cost and then share the dlc. It's a shame PS3 users have to wait a whole month.

O yh Undead nightmare and Vietnam are completly different experiances.

lugia 40003792d ago

Well, or you can get it for free on xbox360iso.ocm
Just download the map pack registered to the user account and download the profile.

Login with profile that has map packs
And logout and login with your account.

DrRichtofen3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Exactly! I feel the same way about black ops zombies, Im also gonna game share this with friends.

cannot wait for ascension

Spitfire_Riggz3791d ago

How much is it? Yeah pretty retarded

guigsy3791d ago

I rather pay for CoD map packs then pay a CoD subscription fee.

Undeadwolfy3791d ago

@above,so whats the difference?

DrRichtofen3791d ago

its cheap when you game share it. I'm only gonna be in $3.

FishCake9T43791d ago

Im an idiot!!
Unfortunately lugia what you need to understand is COD is much more popular than those brands you mentioned so thats why they can put the price so high. Supply and demand my friend.

xstation793791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Only idiots spend time in articles about games that they care nothing about. I swear this site must be full of 10 year olds

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Kee3791d ago

Space Monkeys. I have now officially seen it all.

beavis4play3791d ago

i wish treyarch would forget the CoD series and just concentrate on the zombie mode and make a full game (with story). then, they could release dlc with nothing but new maps like this one.

Ares84PS33791d ago

I love zombies in COD games but there is no way I'm paying for this. I will not support Activision anymore. Enough is enough.

I wish that treyarch just made a zombie game instead of COD.

Tsalagi3791d ago

Zombie mode never worked good for me in Black Ops. The aiming was always off or the matches constantly disconnected. I prefer the WAW Nazi Zombies anyway.

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