The Scariest Monsters in Video Games

Monsters, aliens, creatures, mutants ... no save points. These are some of the most terrifying moments in video games, and if you've been playing Dead Space 2 lately, you know what I'm talking about.

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Shok2823d ago

Agree with the list, although the Bloodmounts aren't necessarily scary, just threatening (yes that makes sense lol)

Deviljho from Monster Hunter 3 should be on this list. I know it's not zombie/monster-like like the monsters on this list but seriously, I've never been so scared to fight somethin in my life.

Jio2823d ago

Theyre forgetting the monster from amnesia. That thing still gives me nightmares

kharma452822d ago

Spot on. Amnesia is the scariest game I've ever played.

kramun2822d ago

Amnesia is the best horror game in years, the only other game I can think of that comes close to the feeling of dread you get is Siren. The fact you can't fight back makes it even more intense.

Ducky2822d ago

Does the Dahaka from Prince of Persia qualify too then? :D

Roozium2822d ago

"The Scariest Monsters in Video Games"

Read Video Games, Amnesia is a PC Game.

kharma452822d ago

lolwut. Since when was a PC game not a video game?

Ducky2822d ago

How did Descent:FreeSpace get on the list then?

Heh. Amusing comment, sir. =)

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kramun2822d ago

The Shambler from Quake was probably one of the creepiest monsters I can remember, that thing was freeky.

Pozzle2822d ago

Nothing from Resident Evil? No Tyrant or Nemesis? :(


sasuke992821d ago

you're right past Resident Evil games had some of the most terrifying Monsters like Iron Maiden, Dr. Salvador, Crimson Head and of course Nemesis, it's weird non of them mentioned in that list

Malebaria2822d ago

Pyramid Head and the diverse ghosts in Fatal Frame come to mind. The mannequin scene in Condemned still strikes me to this very day as well.

Pozzle2822d ago

OMG! The Blinded Ghost in Fatal Frame scared the crap outta me when I first played it. She might have only been a woman with bloodied eye sockets, but she was SO. GODDAMN. PERSISTENT. Especially in the final chapter. Every time I thought I was safe, she'd show up. Every time I ran out of film, she'd show up. Every time I went into first-person view, she'd jump up in front of me. It always made me jump out of my skin.

"My eeeeeeyes. Give me back my eeeeeeeyes"


Malebaria2822d ago

I feel you.

* joins in shudder and turns lights on*

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