All NEW Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold “Messenger Starter” Pack Only $59.99

Conflicting Gamers, "If you’ve been an Xbox 360 gamer for a while now, you might remember Microsoft having an Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Pack available that included a 12 Month Gold Subscription Card, Xbox 360 Chatpad, Wired Headset, and PGR 4 all for a retail price of $69.99.

They are now blowing out that pack (or blowing your mind!’s price at the moment is $140, LOL) and released the all NEW Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold “Messenger Starter” Pack."

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thereapersson2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Microsoft should have more of these deals on a frequent basis.

@ disagrees

What, so you don't think Microsoft should offer more value to the consumer? Are you an idiot?

Yi-Long2914d ago

... however, I'd rather see them make a nice bundle with a game or a controller or something else I actually need/want, instead of a chatpad and headset...

thereapersson2914d ago

Well that is a good point, however for those who have trouble justifying the cost of Xbox Live, a deal like this is probably a good start to get the consumer to take the plunge.

Pixel_Enemy2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Live is a rip off. It is no better than PSN and it costs just to play online. I have both and outside of the party system live has nothing on PSN.


@disagrees - Please feel free to tell me what makes live better. I am all ears.

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Death2914d ago

So I bought DC Universe online last week. I haven't tried PS3 online games for awhile now and kept reading how great it has become. I was surprised to see how useless it really is. In order to use voice chat with a friend, we both needed to plan ahead so we could both be out of game at the same time. Voice chat on the PS3 is still done as a separate app which is pretty inconvenient. The sound quality using the official Sony PS3 Bluetooth headsets is horrible. I pray that DCU is unique in it's integration of voice in game. Other than the horrible interface, it doesn't really work. The distortion and cutting in and out makes it impossible to use without getting frustrated.

We are actually using both an Xbox 360 and our PS3's to play online. The ease of use and quality of communication over Xbox Live is light years ahead of Sony and their free for all online strategy.


jetlian2914d ago

have had these since 360 started. my first xbox live was one of these

66 bucks
200 MS pts
robo 2084

that was like 2006

my friend got the pgr4 set last year

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Man In Black2914d ago

I'm not a fan of MS, but that does sound like a good deal.

Hitman07692914d ago

That's a much better deal, I wouldn't mind paying for all that compared to just getting the Gold service by itself!!!!

Nate-Dog2914d ago

Wow that's brilliant, I'm only new to XBL myself now and need a few of these things and am still a little out of the loop with things like this, if I'm in the EU would this XBL code work for me? Even with import costs this is a great deal, too hard to pass up on if I can use it that is.

outwar60102914d ago

i get my annual cards on ebay for 25 pounds(50 bucks or there abouts) and im pretty sure i could use a usb keyboard

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