Namco Bandai Finally Learning From Their Mistakes

Tales Union: "For those who have followed Namco Bandai over the last few years, it's clear that the company has had a number of issues it's had to work out. One of the biggest was found in an earnings report last February, where the company reported a staggering $129.5 million loss, far from the $93.8 million gain they had hoped to achieve. This forced them to launch a "group restart plan" which cut 630 of the company's paid employees, among other changes."

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Hardedge2823d ago

Finally they dig themselves out of the shit hole. Or are at least making progress..

mephman2823d ago

Yea, the only way is up really.

2823d ago
KillaManiac2823d ago

I can't believe this until I see a official announcement.

I know its actually good chances its getting a localization, but I don't wanna be hardcore trolled for this game.

ShawnCollier2823d ago

I really doubt Namdai would troll on that level. It would be company suicide for them if they did.

Xof2823d ago

...are you only now beginning to follow industry news?

Most game companies have a history of making profoundly stupid decisions. Often because the people in charge of these game companies... no nothing about games.

It's very hard to sell a product you don't know anything about.

Theonik2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

No matter how stupid Scamco are i think they know what sort of sh*tstorm will ensue if they tease us like that only to reveal something else. I think they are bringing this over in order to establish a tales fanbase in the west on the PS3 for when/if they release Xilia although that may be wishful thinking.

AntoineDcoolette2823d ago

"One of the biggest was found in an earnings report last February, where the company reported a staggering $129.5 million loss, far from the $93.8 million gain they had hoped to achieve. This forced them to launch a "group restart plan" which cut 630 of the company's paid employees"

Damn, even though I don't really care for Bandai I'm sorry to hear that. Horrible to see people lose jobs.

ShawnCollier2823d ago

Yeah, that part made me worry Tales was basically dead outside of Japan. Plus it sucks anytime people lose jobs, especially w/ today's job climate.

Thankfully that's not the case now obviously, pretty sure that restructuring helped with that, I'd imagine.

Burning_Finger2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Without the Playstation 15 years ago, they would have been long gone. Namco Bandai became arrogant over the years of success now they are paying for it just like Squareenix.

Chaos692823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

What the hell are you talking about?

Kamikaze1352823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I think he means that they used to localized and create more quality games and are now just releasing crap expecting it to sell....sort of like what SE is doing. SE have released games without testing it themselves (Final Fantasy XIV), Giving fans a game they never asked for (Final Fantasy XIII-2), trying to appeal to the West by making a western like game (Last Remnant), and just going downhill in terms of expectations from fans.

Developers either need to give fans what they want every now and then rather than assume what fans want, release it, then wonder what went wrong each time.

By the way, I know SE said they're making XIII-2 because the fans asked for it, but fans have been ROARING about plenty of other things MUCH MUCH more than sequel to XIII-2 and they've completely ignored fans or just release statements saying they have "no plans" in creating those games. So don't think that XIII-2 is being done for the fans. It's being done because SE themselves said they have plenty of unused resources left over from XIII so this would be a quick cash in for them.

mephman2823d ago

@ Kamikaze

I agree. It's like their claims that fans really wanted Vaan in Dissidia. Perhaps certain fans, yes, but not the general fanbase.

Lavalamp2823d ago

Hey, if this teaser turns out to be an actual Tales localization announcement, I'd be more than willing to do my part as a fan to promote the game. Word-of-mouth can be a very powerful tool. It is great to hear that Namco is actually putting forth some genuine effort to reach out to gamers.

Infernostew2823d ago

Yeah, look what word of mouth did for Demons Souls. Some of these companies really underestimate their fans and what they'll go through to see more games and sequels coming to their console and country. It kinda sucks that us ps3 owners missed out on Vesperia and psp and ds owners missing out on the handheld tales games. Although the ps3 is a hell of a lot more rpg starved than handhelds. With this new community manager, I think Namco is moving in the right direction. It seems like the guy actually gives a sh!t about fans and he listens to the community.... about damn time.

ShawnCollier2823d ago

If Rich's previous message when he noted off all those series holds up, it could be their 2011 lineup (including Graces f, obviously).

ZeroX98762823d ago

really, if namco bandai starts to release Tales of games over here and other great reborn franchise like galaga and new pacmans, a better tekken (6 wasn't that good), Then count me in!
I'm ready to buy your games namdai, just release the good ones overhere!

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