GAMERZ411: Pilot Episode – PSP2 (NPG), FFvsXIII, PS3 Hackers

JI writes, "GAMERZ411 is a brand new annual podcast from Gamer-0, 9thGenHero, and Hitman focused on bringing a true perspective from real gamers to the world. There will be no cuts, edits, or censorship from this team as we discuss heated topics, the latest headlines, and the games catching buzz (as well as games that SHOULD be catching buzz, but aren’t)...."

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Hitman07692821d ago

Those PS3 Hackers are seriously messed up, check out that NGP footage, beautiful!

-Mezzo-2821d ago

Agreed, it is one sexy device.

ABizzel12820d ago

Good little podcast. The NGP really impressed me hardware and software wise, I need a few more detail like price (please $299), cost of games (Mini $1, PS1 $5, PSN $5 - $15, PSP $10 - $20, NPG $20 - $40), and launch titles (there needs to be a collection of killer apps Day 1 at least 3 must haves).

Final Fantasy 13 vs. looks like the first final fantasy I'd want to buy (beside Crisis Core and FF7, bought those 2). I like the various styles of gameplay, and the mature story and setting.

PS Hackers suck, thankfully I don't play Call of Duty, and if I did and my account got deleted I would be pissed, and somebody would be doing something about it.

As far as the NGP and 3DS screens go, to be honest HD and 3D aren't make or break deals for me. If i had to put one over the other it would probably be the 3D screen simply because of some of the tech stuff they showed with the games as well as the potential the tech has. Between the 2 however, I'm much more excited about the NGP. But I have a question if the NGP is almost as powerful as a PS3 shouldn't it be able to handle 3D as well?


I'm so pumped with our pilot episode out of the way

Joni-Ice2821d ago

I will be checkout the podcast in a few. Off to get some brews.

9thGenHero2821d ago

This is crazy, looking forward to bringing more to the people:)

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