Kojima: We’ve proven it’s possible to make PS3 quality games on NGP

GB writes: Hideo Kojima, game developer extraordinaire, has said during his presentation at Playstation Meeting 2011, during the NGP reveal that they have given the audience visual proof that it’s indeed possible to develop PS3 quality games on the NGP.

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rajman2823d ago

Hey Kojima can we have a Metal Gear Solid HD collection plzzzz

psb2823d ago

remake in HD for the PSP2 mr.kojima. Please :\

TheLastGuardian2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I hear some people complaining and going on about how nobody want'\s to play huge 10 hour games on a portable. A portable PS3 is exactly what I want out of the NGP. Playing iphone games for 5 minutes here and there is not my style. I would pay top dollar to get PS3 quality games on the go.

Anarki2823d ago

I'd like it even more if I could get all the android apps and stuff on there. Stuff like MSN messenger and the likes.

gamingdroid2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I agree with you, 10-hour games in a portable format works great when I'm away from the console. I'm interested, but not $300 interested for strictly a gaming device.

Unfortunately, that doesn't have mass market appeal. I suspect that market is mostly for children whom sit in cars and etc....

AllroundGamer2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

@psb NGP will probably run even a Gamecube emulator and then you just need MGS: Twin Snakes (the Gamecube MGS1 remake with better graphics) ;)

kudakadere2823d ago

SNNAAKKKEEE that never get's old

jukins2823d ago

i agree with anarki and gamingdroid. im all for "real" games being on the portable but the device needs to have access to android apps, facebook, netflix etc. imo it just needs to be more than a kickass portable video game machine, it needs to be ipad/ipod touch like. pretty much an all in one device.

pain777pas2823d ago

The dual sticks will win over those complaining about the NGP. This is "the gamers portable".

ABizzel12823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

My guess is that NGP games will consist of several categories.

1) PlayStation Suite aka PS1 games
2) PlayStation Minis
3) PSP games ported to the NGP
4) PSN games that have cross game support for PSN and NGP
5) NGP games.

And if you think about that then there's a HUGE library of games. I think the NGP retail games will be very similar to how Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty was. I think they'll be 4 - 6 hours for single player, and they'll use online to to justify the price for games. I say this because they're using flash memory. It's better than UMD's and it's cheap, but not as cheap as they may need it. They'll have to use at least 4GB cards to put games on since previous UMD games were running on 1GB, and Ratchet and Clank: Q4B clocks in at 2.5GB without any online.

How do you feel if that's the route they take? And do you think NGP games will remain $40, or will we have to pay $50 - $60 for NPG games.

To be honest that's perfectly fine to me with games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other multiplayer focused games.

ThanatosDMC2823d ago

Twin Snakes is horrible in the sense that they made Solid Snake a freaking power ranger. Though all those kung fu actions on the cinematics were nice. He's not a ninja.

Jezuz2823d ago

why are there disagrees on apps on the NGP? The more the better

rockleex2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I demand Peace Walker 2... with jungle survival mechanics like in MGS3!

Oh! And also awesome human bosses like in MGS1-3.

Don't forget about Ocelot either. >:D

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ATiElite2823d ago

Kojima: We’ve proven it’s possible to make PS3 quality games on NGP......

and next week we will find a cure for cancer and invent Doritos that don't leave crumbs or cheese on your keyboard.

Jio2823d ago

You talk like you know a lot about hardware

shoddy2823d ago

all you hater don't be jelous or pestimistic.

Sony and Kojima will lead us the way to the future
not ur hating doritos eating sorry ass.

ScentlessApprentice72823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Ever think of using a bib or just eating your chips over something that doesn't require even the slightest degree of upkeep, like your body. After all, that is really just for people who partake in and actually appreciate natural sun light.

xTruthx2823d ago

"Doritos that don't leave crumbs or cheese on your keyboard"

That's just nasty xD

ATiElite2823d ago

Gee whiz I was just joking... I think the PSP2 is cool but I'm smart enough to know that once technology is invented that the next step is to make that technology more efficient and then to shrink it exactly what Sony has done and every other hardware manufacture.

Like you guys don't spill crumbs or get peanut butter or something on your keyboard every once in a while, gee whiz WHY SO SERIOUS!!

RevXM2823d ago


ATiElite is right though.

Ps3 still has the most powerful hardware, NGP isimpressive, but is not equal to ps3.
And Ps3 have Blu ray.
Blu-ray = huge games and uncompressed data.
Ps3 have 1080p support most of the games are 720p or higher.
Ps3 also support 7.1 surround trough both HDMI and optical.

NGP support the same res as BLack ops on ps3, wich is amazing for a handheld, but it is not even HD.

God of war 3, Killzone 3 or Unchareted 3 on NGP could never equal the ps3 version quality overall, nowhere near.

However it doesnt mean that NGP cant have games that are directly comparable to its ps3 counterparts. I bet that a NGP can reach as rich visual detail as say MGS4.

NGP is a beast, and it is way better than any other handheld device. NGP FTW.

arjman2823d ago

Thing is though, it's about scaling. Ps3 has to output games at 720p or above whereas NGP only needs to output games at a smaller res.

Plus HD cutscenes, uncompressed sound and all that take up the majority of space on a blu ray. Now if the flash storage for the NGP goes up to 32GB (example), then you'll have like 80% of that space for the actual graphics instead of hd sound.

Such a big res on a small screen WILL look like PS3 quality games, we saw uncharted on NGP and people have been comparing it to the Ps3 version, and thats before the NGP has even released! Imagine games 2-3 years from now, with optimization.

Ps3 is over 5 years old tech and, although it's a complete beast, it's still old. NGP is brand new, its a quad core gaming device in your pocket!!! Man I love technology!

Jio2823d ago

@RevXM It is like arjman said. It will never be exactly like PS3 graphics, but it will come close because of the screen size. Just like the original PSP's graphics looked CLOSE to PS2 graphics, on some games you couldnt even tell the difference

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llMurcielagoll2823d ago

I would love to have that Raj Kothrapolly! :P (jk) Apparently there is some speculation about MGS trilogy being Remastered in HD. Though would love an MGS trilogy "remake"

They are rumors though but I really hope it gets official

Man In Black2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Peace Walker was awesome enough, can't wait to see what he can do on the NGP.

Meanwhile, custom soundtracks via the Ipod for MGS4, please. Still disappointed that they didn't add in more camos, like the MGS1 sneaking suit and Big Boss' (real) face.

DigitalAnalog2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

The games that started it all!

-End of Line

xAlmostPro2823d ago

that would be awesome! also if it used his idea of using the same save for the ps3 & psp2 version so you could play on ps3 at home and load up the same save when your out :)

nunley332823d ago

oh yeah this has to be a no-brainer and a RESIDENT EVIL collection would be cool too. Since PSP2 has trophies, MGS4 for PSP2 would have it so get to it kojima.just apply those same trophies to the PS3. Now he has a reason to justify the work for this and will have no excuses left why it can't be done.

dragonelite2823d ago

He should remake MGS 4 in hd too.
just kidding.

JLeVRT2823d ago

No... he should Remake MGS4.

And R* should port GTA4 or a GTA4-like spinoff the the NGP, those games, CoD, Killzone, Resistance, and Uncharted portable and ill be set for 3 years. :D

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prongs1232823d ago

none of these remake craps, I want that taboo project he keeps talking about to be a launch title for the PSP2 and it'll be a day one for me

belal2823d ago

nah kojima should focus his tabo project on ps3 and make another game for psp2 maybe bring mgs4 to psp2 would be great.

TheLastGuardian2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I can already play MGS4 on my PS3. I want a whole new adventure featuring Solid Snake on PSP2. I want a prequel to MGS4.

gamingdroid2823d ago

I want trophies for MGS4!

Patch it in damnit!

dantesparda2823d ago

Me too!!! i second that notion, but i honestly doubt that it'll ever happen

JLeVRT2823d ago

Your profile pic makes that comment so much better xD

outwar60102823d ago

hopefully they will make a ps3 slimest model(no sarcasm i was not happy with a third reduction in size) go for it sony!

Kon2823d ago

Slimest model? What??

outwar60102823d ago

lol no you know like they had they playstation and then the ps one and there was a dramatic size difference. I found that the difference between ps3 and the ps3 slim wasn't as dramatic as id like and i want them make it as small as possible

trevonn952823d ago

do you also want it to heat up as fast as possible

outwar60102823d ago

i remember people telling me that i shouldnt buy the ps2 slim because of the apparently inefficient small fan but i use to play ridiculous marathon sessions im sure they could make it considerably smaller with worthy cooling tech. the psp2 or ngp is apparently as powerful so why the hell not

kudakadere2823d ago

no offense to your comment but Sony must be pulling their hair out after fitting half a ps3 into the size of a controller struggling with overheating issues becuase of the shear power of a quad-core prosseser and then less than a week after after the annoucement people want a slimmer one with the same sized screen.

outwar60102823d ago

i think the ngp is a good size but im not a fan of portable gaming i like a console led tv surround sound and if i come across a large sum of money a recliner. but since they went through all that why not release a smaller ps3

madjedi2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

@outwar We probably will see a smaller ps3, at some point but you can only make the console so small, before you run into severe cooling issues.

Yeah sony had the psone, the problem is these consoles produce a hell of alot more heat, than the older systems so any size reduction has to be balanced with air flow/cooling reduction ect.

Maybe when sony shrinks the dies, and needs less voltage they can release a second slim version ps3. The reason sony hasn't made it smaller still is likely because it's not technically possible or financially impractical to do so atm.

sashimi2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

They did reduce the size of the Ps3. It's codename NGP the only problem is it got so small they had to reduce some of the power and use a new format.

outwar60102823d ago

lol i know but id love to be able to fit a next gen console like my ps3 or 360 and easily fit it in my bag next in case i want to play at a friends house

sashimi2823d ago

I know what you mean, I remember visiting my friend in another state, lol the Ps3 phat is huuuuuuge! think we either put it in a tennis bag..yes a tennis bag or it barely fit in my back pack lol

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