Dead Space 2: The Faces of Fear

Cam dives into Dead Space 2 with one thing in mind: Don’t get scared. Does he last? Find out by clicking the link. Oh, and bring some Depends.

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Led-Zeppelin2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

What a girl. Dead space 2 was 3X less scary then 1.

Kon2820d ago

If he's a girl i don't know what i am.

Tigan2820d ago


Did you even play the first or is that something you read somewhere. Just asking because i got the second recently and am looking forward to a good spook with the second one. I did play the first and thought it was entertaining. It did was it was supposed to do.

Led-Zeppelin2820d ago

Yes i did play the first. Number 2 is much more action packed, which for me is less scary. Its also more fast paced. Just stating my opinion.

xAlmostPro2820d ago

I didn't play the 1st so i don't know how scart it was, but i personally haven't found this game scary as of yet although im only about 3 hours into it so far.

Don't get me wrong upto the point i switched it off it was a great sci-fi shooter and filled with non stop action, and the game nails the really dark and creepy settings perfectly(which freaked me out more than the gameplay)but i honestly haven't found it scary :/ although i know im one of very few who thinks this lol.

Im hoping it gets scarier when i go back on it tonight :)

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Dsnyder2820d ago

Its a game. Anybody who is scared of a game needs to take a look at themselves.

Corepred42820d ago

Why? Its meant to be somewhat scary, just like a scary movie. I know the movies nowadays aren't nearly as scary since we've all been desensitized, but if you don't at least jump at some scenes then you have no pulse and should off yourself now.

slyrunner2820d ago

Yeah i agree, i think everyone does,Amnesia is the most freighting game this and last gen. That gave me the spooks, im not going to even lie, EA needs to have a similar game as that one

LaWiiG2820d ago

I was there taking the pictures. Cam kept begging that I leave the light on before I left the room. All the comments sound pretty spot on. Pussgina.

GtShaddz2819d ago

So much for a /fearless leader/, eh?

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