Sony working to get Devs to make digital versions of UMDs

During and interview with Watch Impress, Kaz Hirai said that people who have already bought the PSP will be able to download digital versions of their titles on the NGP. The only perimeter being that it is within the number of download limits outlined on the PSN.

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mrv3212822d ago

What Sony needs to go is

1. Talk to publishers
2. Say they'll do ALL the porting
3. Charge 5% if they do the port from UMD to Digital
4. ???
5. Profit

HolyOrangeCows2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Sony really SHOULD port it themselves. I can't imagine that putting it on PSN should be that hard. Let game devs use their resources on NEW games. Hopefully we see it HAPPEN this time, unlike with the PSPGo.

"The memory card will be able to rewrite data so that users can save and download data"
I'm glad. Saving onto a separate card is sort of annoying, because you have to make sure you have enough; I just bought a 16GB for my PSP1.

lil Titan2822d ago

i hope some games get updates to use the second analog stick on the NGP/PSP2...Kingdom Hearts maybe

Blaze9292822d ago

"Kaz Hirai said that people who have already bought the PSP will be able to download digital versions of their titles on the NGP"

Hmm...for free? And this applies to all PSP owners with UMDs or just those who bought PSN versions?

HappyGaming2822d ago

Would this work...

You put in UMD into PSP
Log in PSN.
PSN checks the serial number which is unique on every copy.
Than you are given the option to download the PSN version of the UMD.

Repeat for all games.

The only problem with this is that you now have 2 copies of one game but game sharing on PS3 allows up to 5 people to download one game so its not as bad.

Joni-Ice2822d ago

@ Blaze929..... Just PSN versions. If you have the UMD version you would have to buy again to get it digitally.

xAlmostPro2822d ago

nope @gumtrol but that actually isn't a bad idea tbh, they'd only need to create a large database(which yeah would take a few months but they have until 2012 xD

ThanatosDMC2822d ago

I want that recent Yugioh game for my strategy card game needs. Wish Magic the Gathering game that's on PS3 would go to PSP too.

ChineseDemocracy2822d ago

I was really disappointed that KH: Birth by Sleep didn't see a digital release.

I don't see developers having any problem going full out digital if they can profit. I for one would buy a handful of the newer "last-gen" PSP games for the NGP.

sashimi2822d ago

That is because SquareEnix is stupid. They have been doing dumb stuff all gen.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2822d ago

they need a umd transfer kit even if its done with monthly timed activation to prevent stealing, this needs to be a priority because dropping umd altogether is a bad bad idea for so many fans.

Joni-Ice2822d ago

Not really. ALL PSP's takes memory card which mean if you have a older model PSP, you could just download the game you want to memory card.

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a_bro2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

hopefully this time, compared to what happened with the PSP Go, they actually allow this to happen

after they talk to all publishers and get all those PSP games on the PS store, they should open up a website were: can select all the UMD games you have, up a fee to allow your copies to be turned to Digital (it would be cool if free)

3.ship the copies to Sony with a receipt of your order inside (they need proof that you own these games)

4.receive your codes of those digital copies by mailbox, or e-mail.

amazon does this, but the opposite when you sell your used items to them. why cant sony and the these UMD games?

mrv3212822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Sony could just update the PSP to scan the disk, seeing if it's a orginal copy of the game. It's not like there's too many UMD writters out their and then you just pay $5-$10 on a 'memory' fee and bang. $5-$10 is fine by me.

EDIT: Each UMD has a SPECIFIC code I think, once that code is used then it cannot be re-used again for digital.

a_bro2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

"Sony could just update the PSP to scan the disk, seeing if it's a orginal copy of the game."

thats a gateway to piracy there then. i can just to go to a friend of mine and take his game and do that on my PSP, or some one else, and the copy will dupicate. the way i presented it, i believe is the only and best way to solve this issue.

Anyway, one publisher that they must talk to is Square Enix, i mean, wtf, why isnt Crisis Core, Valkyre Profile and other good games on there?

Lucreto2822d ago

I would love to transfer my PSP games to the PSP2 even if they have a device registered to my PSN to rip games to the HDD.

JoshE4Ginfo2822d ago

According to almost all the developers that presented at Sony's conference stated that they did all that they showed working on the NGP very fast an easy.

So I am guessing that the NPP is a very developer friendly device.
which means I want a lot of games ported!!!

Raendom2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

? They're not talking about PS3 porting which is what you're refering to (dungeon defenders ported in a week).

They're talking about making digital versions of existing PSP games that are on UMD. MOST games already have a digital version (GT, LBP, MGS, Monster Hunter etc) but there are SOME such as Square Enix who haven't (because they're idiots?).

This is a measure for existing PSP owners so they have even MORE incentive to buy NGP.

JoshE4Ginfo2822d ago

oh yeah lol im tired i apologize for the mix up haha

Stealth20k2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I am still keeping my physical media because dd is a ripoff and theres no reason to get rid of my 3000

@ below, only someone who understands the value of games and money can understand.

Kamikaze1352822d ago

At least go to Metacritic, look at the top 100 PSP games and just make sure THOSE are on PSN. Or let gamers vote for which games they want on PSN and Sony can discuss it with the developers.

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