Will Halo: Reach receive a Title Update?

Since the game has been released in fall of last year, many players have noticed a few issues with the gameplay in Halo Reach which could use some tweaking. It has been six months since the games release and there have yet to be any significant patches or updates. The Halo: Reach section of the Bungie forums are often filled with a multitude of players inquiring as to the status of the update, or even if there would be one.

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ActionBastard2871d ago

Seeing how 4GB 360 owners still can't co-op...who knows.

Parapraxis2871d ago

I thought that was fixed.

The Matrix2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Hundreds of bug in games like Fallout and Call of Duty as well as most games that come out today. Congrats Bungie on doing bug testing and quality RIGHT.

ActionBastard2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

No, it's not fixed and don't go patting Bungie on the back Matrix when 4GB console owners are forgotten.

Bnet3432871d ago

No one cares about 4 GB console owners. Just like no one cares about 20 GB PS3 owners.

KotC2871d ago

You should have skipped this post Action Bastard

roflcopters2871d ago

"Seeing how 4GB 360 owners still can't co-op...who knows."

I figure if you can't afford a hard drive you probably can't afford xbl or a second controller anyway

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xstation792871d ago

I haven't play to many games online that have as much polish as halo reach.

kaveti66162871d ago

There are some respawn issues, and weapon respawn time issues as well. Other than that, I don't remember any major bugs that require major title updates.

hmmmm2871d ago

Exactly! It is a very polished game and most issues like respawns and weapon drops/timers can all be changed serverside in realtime by bungie without the need for a patch or titleupdate. Most of the things people complain about on are by design (eg.bloom) and bungie won't and shouldn't change it. Although one thing they should do is keep the arena but bring back visible trueskill ranks.

BCRxRaiden2871d ago

The tweaks that speak of are in need of being fixed, but the real reason for the population decline is because Reach lacks replay value. Now let me just say Reach is by far the best online multiplayer bang for you're buck experience (IMO best game play halo since H2). Reach doesn't have ranks that you can lose, theres no reason to want to be good at reach, because whether you win or lose you're always getting experience (i called this COD method). The reason why this is an epic fail for Reach is B/C the only reward you get for all that xp is armor and other cosmetic things, not guns, care packages, etc. The only replay value you get is what you and you're friends make of it, aka FUN. Reach is a great game that just didn't provide its core gamers a reason to play its game past the first 2 months. I hope 343 studios returns to the Halo 2 and Halo 3 ways with Halo 4.

kaveti66162871d ago

I agree, the ranking system in /reach is way too easy. And the armory upgrades are nonfunctional. They are only for aesthetic reasons.

outwar60102871d ago

yh that rely pisses me off that they are only aesthetic

ECM0NEY2871d ago

Thats the point. Keep it even playing field. I dont want newb armour upgrades like COD perk system. If this were to happen in Gears 3 I would not buy it.

kaveti66162871d ago

Of course it keeps it an even playing field. But the fact that the armory is pointless still stands.

I want the credits I earn to go into something worth the time it takes to obtain them.

SixZeroFour2871d ago

but halo has never been that type of game...i love the fact that everyone is equal at all times and the only thing that sets each person apart is their actual skill

i hate the whole "you get awarded better weapons cause you played longer than so and so" type of developement...the way bungie implemented it is that you show off how long you have played by what type of armor you show (just like halo 3's coveted recon armor) did it do anything gameplay wise? of course not, but you were recognized for it...same thing with reach, what i see are most coveted is the "inclement weather" armor effect (2mil cr)

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SixZeroFour2871d ago

lacks replay value? halo has TONS more replay value than cod...the REAL reason why it isnt as played as previous titles is because the fps gamers have changed

since cod 4 came out, more and more started to adjust to the whole run and gun style of gameplay...they just cant deal with a game that takes a bit of time and skill to actually take out a problem with that, but there are far fewer (and still declining) gamers that still like the "tactical" type of shooter...its also why bfbc2 isnt played as much as cod shooters as well despite being (opinion) a better game than call of duty

back to replay value...first off, there still to this day isnt a single person that has reached the top rank in REACH (inheritor) and with the addition of file browser and forge world, there are tons of gametypes and maps that you can download to have a different experience than that of the regular matchmade gametypes...also those gametypes arent restricted to slayer or the other default gametypes (i suggest you try out some race maps or puzzle games from forgeworld)...the declin in population has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of "unlockables"

BCRxRaiden2871d ago

i agree with you that halo gives you a lot to do, and has value for sure, hence why i said in my statement "best bang for you're buck online multiplayer" in fact i think the game play, graphics, sound, etc are great. It's the matchmaking system that just makes me want to pull my hair out. Like why do i wanna play a game where the guy who i just beat gets rewarded for losing! See my fear is that these companies, cause its not just halo that converted, have figured out its not profitable in the long term to tell its customers, you're bad at halo aka having like a low rank in halo 2 or 3 over long period time (btw there's nothing wrong with that, its all about having fun) but for the competitive players, the ranking system was gratifying.

BCRxRaiden2871d ago

halo has been greatness for one reason and one reason only. IT REWARDS SKILL PLAYERS, you could tell a badass by his rank (level 50) then secondary rank (General grade whatever, etc) and then you could see amount of xp earned, plus customs played and if that person was apart of MLG. Point is as you said, you're reward with recognition, people could eye ball you and know that you were legit, maybe not Pro, enough to be like okay this guys been around the block. Now look at halo reach...who the hell wants to say hey i'm a "forerunner" (its like 10 million credits, crazy) like that might be acceptable in a year from now, but if i saw someone who had that rank now i'd be like "go outside". The reason that its not valued is that person could lose every damn game and still rank up, theres no risk vs reward system. Halo Reach Matchmaking broke my heart.

SixZeroFour2871d ago

your right with respect to the new "ranks" but thats cause bungie made the "gaming areas" separate...for those that want to be recognized for their true skill play in arena and those ranking is what you are looking for...but up front, i agree with the whole inheritor situation, usually ppl just say "no lifer" to those ppl, but then they (like myself) quickly look at their service record and determine whether the player is a no lifer or a legit go player based on their kd

allyc4t2871d ago

Reach is one of the few games out there that certainly doesn't need a Title update. Bungie has done a pretty good job of switching up playlists and banning people who like to hack/cheat.

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