TQcast EP135: Physical Media is The Past, Present & Future...

The latest TQcast exposes the ease of brainwashing a Gamestop employee to believe that Physical media is the future and will not die. A must listen. (LIVE Call)

LIVE From Cali Japan!!
PS3 3.56 Update gets Hacked just 1 hour after its release
PS3 Hack expert Mr. PAT-P.A.T stops by to gives us the 411 on the latest PS3 hacks
The NGP aka PSP2 gets announced, Uncharted and Dual Analogs!
Over 40 hours of combined Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 and counting
Plus much more!

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2820d ago
Stealth20k2820d ago

physical media is whats keeping this industry alive and isnt dying when every system uses it

earbus2819d ago

Records are making a come back .I dont have one mp3 player lol have cds tapes ,still have vhs too cant let go .retro media rocks.