DTG: Review- Dead Space 2

Isaac Clarke returns in the second coming of Dead Space and the Necromorphs in Visceral's exceptional survival-horror series. DTG review.

DTG write "Since the PS1 era, the console horror genre has been dominated by Japanese titles such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame. In 2008, Visceral Games challenged the status quo with Dead Space, a game that was equal parts System Shock, James Cameron’s Aliens, and the aforementioned Resident Evil. It was scary, bloody, and had an excellent sci-fi storyline to boot. Dead Space’s protagonist, Isaac Clarke..." [ctd.]

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Killzoned2846d ago

I know its stupid to say this. But ATM DEAD SPACE 2 is my GOTY!
This game surpassed DS1 in everyway. Absolute masterpiece