New Kirby game announced

Remember how Xenoblade and The Last Story were randomly announced last year? Well, Nintendo’s basically done the same thing again today. This new Kirby title was one of the new games announced at Nintendo’s investor briefing a short while ago. It actually looks quite similar to the GameCube Kirby title which was quietly cancelled! Trailer in the link!

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Dark_Charizard2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

This game looks totally hardcore!

kesvalk2818d ago

they announced the 3DS randomly too

Dac2u2818d ago

I still need to play Kirby's Epic Yarn. This looks good though.

chadley2818d ago

It's pretty good, but some Kirby magic was lost in the making I think

rezzah2818d ago

damn already? They should make one for the 3DS.

off topic:
Id wish Nintendo would create a new 3rd person world for Pokemon. Imagine battles that take place where ever you are and that the screen does not move over to some bland screen with some grass below the pokemon. Also the idea of taking comeplte control over your pokemon during a battle would be quite amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.