Should Activision Give PS3 Black Ops First Strike DLC For Free?

The ultimate I'm sorry from Treyarch? Give PS3 gamers the Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC "First Strike" for free. Sure, Mr. Kotick might not agree and certainly the shareholders of Activision might not agree either but if the loyal fans of your game buy the content and it has the same problems that the game has now, your disgruntled fans are soon going to turn into an angry mob.

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Wizziokid2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

yes but they wont, anyway who cares KZ3 is out next month

TLG19912819d ago

exactly killzone 3 is out soon even people don't change over from there usual shit cod game to something which actual work and effort has gone into, then those people are fucking idiots.

but even if people dont swap and still buy this for a stupid price when they could even pick up bfbc 2 and get free dlc (not vietnam) then there is no hope.

i am just really looking forward to MW3 as i have heard they have 3 devlopers working on it and i can't wait to see it get into the grave it dug itself with the rest of the series!

Joni-Ice2819d ago

So true...If I had Black Ops, knowing me, I will burn that game in my BBQ grill the day KZ3 releases.

Persistantthug2819d ago

This version sold more than the others, and its the worst performing one ever.

Soldierone2819d ago

Yes but they wont, exactly the point.

A majority of the people complaining will still buy it at the exagerated price. To top it off im sure some people are so clueless they will buy it even when getting perm banned lol.

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poe2819d ago

lol yes I was just about to say just that.

redd0r2819d ago

2 paragraphs in a massive font with a shit stirring headline = article. Sad.

Crazyhorse2819d ago

You what IS sad, that you write for a piece of garbage site like Botchweed and think you have some sort of business calling something sad, that's the real sadness here.

redd0r2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I don't write for Botchweed, but nice one. Check your facts.

LunaticBrandon2819d ago

No because they'll still buy it even for a broken game.

Kran2819d ago

Again. They bought the game. They are soley responsible for buying the game. After a few days of realising it was broken, they should have done what Angry Joe did with Sonic Free Riders.

Now I own both consoles, and no doubt it's unfair on what Treyarch has done. But they wont give away free DLC when the fix is a simple patch away. Of course, when that patch will occur is another question.

TLG19912819d ago

i think its more than a simple patch away, as lazy as all the people who work on COD are i think even they would have done it by now, its definetly more than they are making out, well thats the point they havent really said anything they are probly like " lets keep it hush hush till MW3 theneveryone will buy that and people will forget about that cock-up"

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