Mortal Kombat gets Fire Edition in Europe

Warner has unveiled a second Collectors Edition for Mortal Kombat in Europe that call 'Fire Edition'. A different Version of the Kollectors Edition that was previous announced. The Fire Edition contains only the Game Mortal Kombat, a Sub-Zero vs Scorpion Action Figure and a Steelbook Case. No Price yet.

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Deathstroke2818d ago

America always gets screwed on Collector's Editions. Europe gets everything.

FailOverHero2818d ago

Tell that to ps3 owners who had to wait till 07 for their console to launch or the lbp 2 collector's edition owners who got less than their american counterparts

DeleteThisxx2818d ago

No surprise we come off as a spoiled country. We have it SO good when it comes to video games yet when Europe gets ONE good collector's edition every once in a blue moon they "get everything"

Give me a break.

Kal11382818d ago

The only thing the US isn't getting is the Scorpion VS Sub-Zero statue (although you get Scorpion and Sub-Zero bookends) and the steelbook. You get everything else, plus another version that comes with the arcade stick.

I don't see how Europe gets everything.

RedDead2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

For Sony:


Always been that way, Extremely annoying.

Raendom2818d ago

America ALWAYS gets the best CE. Hell they got the REAL CE for Dead Space 2 and LBP2, that's the first 2 games (excl ME2) of January!

We get crumby old steelbooks ALL. THE. TIME.

Only case we get CE's is if it's a huge game (GT, Halo, CoD).

Oh and don't get me started on how early you guys recieve JP games. We waited like nearly a year for Demon's Souls to come out officially.

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mullerhun2818d ago

usa is so cheap compared to europe, its insane:D

i know ppl who live their, so please don't envy cos of a "stupid" CE;)