Top 5 Racing Games released on PS3

"Our selection of the top 5 racing games released on PS3..5 Mod Nation Racers – Remember way back, when racing games weren't all about simulation, and they didn't use real cars as models?"

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FrankMcSpank2820d ago

Motorstorm, PR, PR3D

I have to say I am not a huge racing fan. I did enjoy MNR, GT, WO, and tons of Burnout and Split/Second, but I am really really excited for Apocolyspe. Probably the most excited racing game I have ever wanted.

hennessey862820d ago

but prologue was a boring game so i wouldnt have it in my top 5

ferrari c
f1 2010
dirt 2

Hellsvacancy2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I got GT5, its hard, not the difficulty, its hard for me to pick words so i can get my point across, great game, i enjoy playin it but id say im startin to get rather bored of it, its just the same game i loved and adored when i was a teenager, its just got a shinier suit, i remember how frustratin the game could get, its all comin back to me

Bought ME2 yesterday so thatll b takin up my time

thebudgetgamer2820d ago

ferrari challenge is a grossly underatted game.

ian722820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I agree, Ferrari Challenge is good, so is Supercar Challenge. They are basically the same game though, just a few different cars.
Other car games I have which I like are : GT5p, GT5, Motorstorm 1+2, Burnout:Paradise, NFS:Pro street, NFS: Shift, NFS:Hot Pursuit, F1:CE, F1 2001, DIRT 1+2, GRID, Midnight Club:LA, Split/second and BLUR.
I do love my racing games.

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The story is too old to be commented.