PS3 Releases for February 2011

Here are the full list of game releases for PlayStation 3 in February 2011.

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Joule2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


3 PS3 exclusives in one month??? Thats already more than the 360 has for the whole year.

gaffyh2820d ago

Totally fanboyish, but that seriously made me LOL. For me though, there's only one 360 exclusive I actually care about (atm), and that's Gears 3.

Chug2820d ago

Didn't you hear? 360 exclusives don't matter anymore, it's all about the multi-plats and teh kinect!

Schism202820d ago

yea im such a big Gears fan. Its unfortunate though because my 360 overheated last year, but ill most likely buy another just for Gears 3.

morganfell2820d ago

Bulletstorm releasing the same day as Killzone 3? Well, so much for PS3 sales because Killzone 3 is the best MP title I have ever played. Yes, ever. The beta was phenominal and I still run Botzone.

Blacktric2820d ago

You guys forgot to say "Teh Xbaxz 360 iz Do0med". Pff. Between 2005-2007 it was the 360 trolls who were writing incredibly unnecessary and childish comments and now its the PS3 ones. 2013 will belong to the Nintendo trolls I think.

Schism202820d ago

Out of all those im most likely only gonna get KZ3 and MVC3. I may buy bulletstorm maybe when it goes on sale.

chidori6662820d ago

Killzone 3 will dominate in this month.

teedogg802820d ago

I'm thinking about getting Bulletstorm for my 360. Definitely getting Killzone 3's a no-brainer if you own a PS3 to pick it up. Can't wait to play it with Move.

badz1492819d ago

getting Bulletstorm for it is actually the best option out there. Gears3 beta FTW!

Wizziokid2820d ago

test drive and Killzone 3 are top of my list for next month, I'll get Bulletstorm when my wallet recovers

ian722820d ago

TDU2 and Killzone 3 are the ones I am interested in the most also. May try the others when the price drops. Bulletstorm demo didn't really impress me much though.

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The story is too old to be commented.