An Open Letter Regarding…The Call of Duty Franchise

In this installment of "Open Letter" Nathan Schmidt details how the CoD franchise has inherited the "WoW effect" and is now holding back the FPS genre.

"It’s a shame when a franchise becomes so successful that it actually starts to stifle the genre it defined. World of Warcraft and the MMORPG genre are the perfect example of this. For the last five years or so, developers have been more interested in “cloning” WoW than innovating and pushing the genre forward…"

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2822d ago

I have to ask..... what can be done to really innovate? What can devs do to take FPS games to the next level without seeming like a gimmick or just adding some new option? And which studio will be the most likely source of this innovation?

I'll make the first suggestion now. I don't know how big this would be or if it's been done before, but why not do for FPS games what LittleBigPlanet did for platform games? Introduce a MultiPlayer map editor. Player can create a map for the multiplayer and upload to the game servers so other players can play on it. Has that already happened? If so, how well did it go over? Is it a feature of any current games? I don't play in the FPS genre so I really don't know.

Komega2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

That's not only a great idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened. Bubbles for you my liege! I think that CS: Source had a map editor but not sure what tools were provided or how powerful it was.

taokaka132822d ago

Great idea! Also how about a mode editor? where you can make up your very own mulitplayer mode? But that is a good idea and write that down somewhere, you can make some money later.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2821d ago

I keep all my ideas locked safely away in my head.

The mode editor is good. I didn't think to go that far. You'd not only be able to build the map, you'd also be able to define the objective(s). Make achievement of the objectives either cooperative or competitive. Maybe the guys who left Infinity Ward should read this, then apply these ideas to a new IP. I think they're starting a new studio under EA.

galgor2821d ago

Whilst this would be a nice feature, all I really want is dedicated servers (on consoles obv). This alone would make the games soo much better.

Komega2821d ago

Yeah, we can all thank Xbox Live and it's crap peer to peer for lack of dedicated...

Kon2821d ago

Map editor is a reality... On PC only.

eggbert2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Map editor's have been on PC FPS's for over a decade.

In fact, Counter Strike Source easily has more maps than all of the Console COD's, Battlefields, Halo's put together.

I will admit that a LOT of them are fairly low quality though.

SpartanPrince2821d ago

doesnt halo 3 and reach already have a map editor?

eggbert2821d ago


Well the Halo 3 map editor wasn't too good. The Reach map editor seems to just be an improved version of that.

The Source engine still allows for more customization though. There are hundreds of different custom game modes spanning from SURF maps to gungame mods to Zombie Survival to RPG mods (I troll everyone with my 5k health). I haven't tinkered with the Reach Forge at all, so if it's capable of these things you're going to have to tell me.

tastelessgamer2821d ago

You may get more attention if they wrote their mom a letter!

evrfighter2821d ago

"what can be done to really innovate? What can devs do to take FPS games to the next level"

Nothing as long as ps3 and 360 are still flagship products. They've BOTH hit a wall. i own kz2 so no don't try to feed me that. kz3 is running on kz2's engine + tweaks. horrible textures are horrible.

in 2007 the last dedicated fps for pc was released. That dev has since then gone on to consoles.

Here we are in 2011 and that fps is still considered the most Technical and best looking FPS ever made. Metro comes in a close 2nd but you have to wonder. How insanely scary Metro could have been had they gone pc only.

People are expecting Battlefield 3 to kick off next-gen. a year ago I was saying the same thing. But since the multi-plat announcement. I have serious doubts.

consoles were holding back the pc before and only some people realized it. Nowadays that opinion is no longer easy to ignore and the fps genre has become stale. Tbh I hope Valve waits until the fps bandwagon has gone before they release HL3.

ECM0NEY2821d ago

This is a good idea but I dont see it happening bc people are still buying $15 map packs. The major FPS creators will never give up that pie.

Oldman1002821d ago

FarCry 2 (ps3,360,pc) allowed you to create your own multiplayer map and upload for other people to play and enjoy so yes it has already happened this gen. It did go over fairly well its just that many people don't play the game much anymore.

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Liuqahs152822d ago

if you want to innovate FPS's, just start selling real guns.

Xfanboy2821d ago ShowReplies(1)
xstation792821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It sure is sad that people waste so much time complaining about call of duty. I don't understand what the point is. If you don't like it then just let it go and play all those other games that people clam are better.

Edit At below: Yeah when I saw someone say map editors, I thought forge. Farcry also has a feature that is similar.

Liuqahs152821d ago

Yeah, being able to edit game modes and maps would be revolutionary! In unrelated news, have you guys seen that Halo game? Looks pretty cool.

Komega2821d ago

Forge was ass, and you sir are a Blasphemer!!!

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