Sony NGP: the 10 questions nobody’s asking

WoS: Sony NGP: the 10 questions nobody’s asking.

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SasanovaS19872818d ago

noones as dumb as you to ask them. waste of internet space, this article

iamnsuperman2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

1st and last question are the worst. I am not sure if they are trying to be funny but this article is utter rubbish

Biggest2818d ago

No one else asked those questions because the writer was the only one stupid enough to think of them. Stick to Twitter, bro. Fewer words can save you from looking so. . . You.

gamesmaster2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

"8. The NGP is the PSP only more so. Offhand I can't think of a single fundamental change between the new device and its predecessors, just a load of extras nailed on. It's bigger, more powerful, and still dedicated primarily to running home-console blockbuster-type games rather than ones designed for the mobile audience. Didn't the relative success of the DS against the PSP (against all predictions) teach Sony anything?"

possibly the most idiotic 'question' in the article.. the addition of a touch screen, a rear touch pad, hi-res OLED screen an extra analogue stick and camera of course are not changes at all /s.. what fundemental changes is this complete idiot looking for? i'd say the most significant fundemental change out of the many he overlooked is the fact it can play ps3 ports..

surely the addition of a touch screen and android platform vouches that sony have catered for more casual game styles aswell.

This article is so bad it makes me angry, he gives us Brits a bad name.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

And the author added this in the first line:
''Because videogames journalism is embarrassingly bad.''


I_find_it_funny2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

what a garbage of a list

QUESTION: Front touchscreen, rear touchpad, two analogue sticks, d-pad, eight gaming buttons – you KNOW some awful twatsack is already developing a game that uses ALL of those, don't you?

Lol, you're asking me if "I" know this? No "I" don't, I've never been involved in video game development.
If you do, pls tell us.

MonkeyBoy922818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Seems like whoever wrote this article has something against Sony in general =/.

Some questions are reasonable such as the overheating and the memory however the other questions seem like digs at Sony which isn't needed and makes the article really unprofessional.

Anyway, it pleases me that the mass majority of the media are enthusiastic about the device, including Sony who seem really proud of what they have created. No doubt this year and next are going to be unforgettable for handheld consoles with the NGP and 3DS =D good times.

hay2818d ago

Is this for real? Are we getting Punk'd?

Dee_912817d ago

chill guys it was suppose to be a joke ....

but failed miserably

HappyGaming2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

"if this thing's got as much power as the PS3, how come they haven't just shoved the same tech into an actual PS3"

Because they don't have to worry about porting every single PS3 game into a new PS3 version.

Different structure means you need to port every single game. The same reason why you can't play PC games on PS3 or iPhone games on a DS.

Sony has to keep the same bulky 5 year old structure of the PS3 until they make a PS4.

"What's the point of having two cameras on a device with no phone functionality?"

The point of having a front facing camera is the same as having a front facing camera on the iPhone 4 which can only be used with wifi.

NGPs FF Camera can be used with 3G and the back camera can be used for games like those that use the PSP attachment camera.

Also video chat on a 5 inch OLED is going to be so much better than video chat on a 3.5 screen

Sarcasm2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Probably one of the most ignorant and uninformed articles ever in existence. Ok it's not that bad, but really someone needs to do some more research.

The CPU and GPU are both quad cores each. The CPU will most likely be 1.5 to 2ghz per core in which right now the current highest standard is 1ghz per core on the Nivida Tegra 2 or ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core. They are designed to run cool and being nano processor, they don't get that hot and don't use a lot of power. That's how advanced we are in technology now. Is it really that hard to think they can make a quad core for a mobile device?

As for the GPU nobody really knows the full specs other than it's a quad core. But I'm betting my money that it is going to focus more on shader quality.

And for the last time, when they say "PS3 quality" graphics, they specifically mean for that device. And the resolution that the PSP2 has to run the games on is only 960x544. Which is only 522,240 pixels. The PS3 is obviously 720p and 1080p. Which double or quadruple the resolution of the PSP2. So if the person who wrote the article says "why not put the PSP2's processor in the PS3." obviously has no idea that it's not meant to rival the PS3's horsepower, but in fact bring the PS3's experience to the NGP itself.

When thinking about how much power the NGP has, you have to think in relative terms in which it is compared to other devices on the market. That means the 3DS, iPad, Iphone 4, Nvidia Tegra 2 platforms, etc.

TheLastGuardian2817d ago

Screw this bullsh*t article and the douchebag who wrote it. The PSP2 is going to be amazing.

DragonKnight2817d ago

I love these kinds of submissions. It's fun to pick these things apart, point by point. So here goes.

1. Look up the word "comparatively" in the dictionary. The definition will be enough to invalidate this whole point. Also, if your PS3 fan is that loud all the time, it's likely YOUR FAULT for not keeping it clean and in a decently ventilated area. PS3 needs air to remain cool you know.

2. Another fan point? So that's 9 questions then isn't it? Have you never heard of technology becoming smaller as it improves? Guess not. That's why it's comparatively as powerful.

3. I'm sensing a pattern here. You see, the games aren't going to be as big because they won't have to push as many pixels. Resolutions don't have to be as high, which takes up a lot of memory. Therefore, they can fit on these cards. Also, who's to say that Sony hasn't come up with more than 32GB flash cards?

4. The PSP Go is download only and people complained about that. So now your gripe is that you can lose SD cards? Well you can lose discs too if you're an idiot or absent minded. This point is ridiculous. And you are making assumptions on prices with no real information available. *sigh*

5. What's your point? If the game is good, let them use all of the available control features. I don't see an issue here, unless you generally suck at games and feel you'd have a problem playing a game like that.

6. You mean people need a phone to use a camera? *Gasp* No way. I guess photographers are out of a job now aren't they? Wait, doesn't the PSP have a browser? So you mean I can upload pics and vids to say photobucket or youtube? No way, get out of here. Another lame point.

7. So you use rumor, speculation, and lame conclusions drawn from your own invalid opinions to make a point against Sony on pricing structure? Are you kidding? Fact. Sony wants to compete well against the 3DS. You really think they haven't learned from their Past? And lest we forget, Sony's pricing on these devices always puts them at considerable loss when you find out it costs them a lot more to manufacture than they are selling it for. If they want to make a profit on the hardware, it's safe to assume that they will price it at more of an impulse price. Because they won't make a profit with too expensive a device. Use your head.

8. Lame. 'Nuff said. You think people are satisfied with little mini-games when say they are on a 4 hour flight or something? The PSP's failure in games was not the kind of games. It was pricing and piracy. People love God of War on the PSP, so are you saying it has no place on it?

9. Who knows? The damn thing was just announced. How about you wait a little and see.

10. You're kidding right? That last question alone discredits anything you have to say. Childish tripe.

blahblah2817d ago

bah, my only question is...

how can i buy it? 3xps3 i own are obviously on loan under dictatorship regime. i'm never tking one single sony product under those conditions

Vherostar2817d ago

Exactly the guy doesnt realize technology evolves and the power of a ps3 can now be used in a portable device quite easily.

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Joni-Ice2818d ago

No one is asking those questions because they are stupid.

Oxymoron0282818d ago

Nobodies asking these questions because they were all already answered in the conference...

xAlmostPro2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

This writer is retarded and makes so many invalid points -_-..

its not AS powerful as the ps3 just because it can run some ps3 games etc. They dont put it in the ps3 because this is meant to be PORTABLE.. the ps3 is also a media machine that heavily uses blu-ray which of course requires a bigger console..

the cheapest 32gb SD card on the market isn't £40, not only that but they're using modified SD type cards designed for the psp2..

this guy lacks serious common sense, guess thats why he's writing on a blog that looks like it was designed by a 10 year old :)

Christopher2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Don't get why this was approved.

1. PS3 isn't the loudest out there, let alone considered "loud"

2. Technology has advanced in the last few years so that processors are being produced at ridiculously smaller sizes with very low heat output. Microsoft presented a similar miniaturized processor at their last expo.

3. SD memory cards come up to 64GB, but most of the games won't need more than 8GB once the sound has been downsampled to 2.1, which is where most of the large files sizes come from.

4. Your #5 isn't even a question, just an idiotic remark about the Sony making options available to developers rather than restricting them.

5. As a portable device, the PSP has two camera. One for capturing video/pictures and the other for video chatting.

6. Again, #7 isn't a question but snarky comments on rumor.

7. You say you can't see a single change from the PSP to NGP in #8, which must include dual analog, rear and front touch sensitive areas, massively improved processor/ram, 3g-free version, PlayStation Suite, New UI, and a ton of other differences you have chosen to ignore.

8. Regarding PlayStation Suite, PlayStation Suite will allow games developed for it to run on any platform that has the suite installed on it. Currently it's going to be put out on Android phones, but it could be made for any platform. This includes iPhone, Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.

9. Please don't approve articles written by idiots in the future.

TBM2818d ago

Why in the hell did I click onto that stupid ass site? Worst article I've ever read; all he did was bitch and whine.

He even got people to believe his stupid ass ranting.

If you don't want to buy it then don't, I myself will be picking one up when it releases.

lil Titan2818d ago

people just cant wait for questions to be least the hype is real

Ri0tSquad2817d ago

10. NGP isn't the official name, it's just the codename.

D0UbleF_2817d ago

The dude who wrote the article didn't write one decent argument.
If I write like "The NGP sucks because I own yo momma!", that will make even more sence..

Go hang yourself dude.

fatstarr2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

not agreeing with the article much but finally someone that is actually asking questions. and not just praising every last bit.

someone hating just like they hated for the 3DS

Christopher2817d ago

There have been a ton of decent questions asked.

- Pricing, both of hardware and software?
- Proprietary accessories or non-proprietary?
- PlayStation Suite platform goals?
- Presence of new IPs or just new games of existing ones at release?
- Available 3G in all regions?
- Backwards compatibility of PSP games (UMD, digital, and minis)

Lots more questions asked about it. It hasn't all been praising.

Urahara2817d ago

Here's an actual good question that isn't rubbish or from a douche bag:

If you cannot remove the battery of the PSP2, and you wind up playing the PSP2 to the point where the battery dies, what are you supposed to do then? Mail your PSP2 to Sony to have them replace your battery the same way people email ipods and Iphones to Apple?

Sevir042817d ago

another blog! lol! this POS made me laugh.

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Cajun Chicken2818d ago

Noise? Come on, PSP makes no noise, why would NGP?

UP2818d ago

Also consider that there is no UMD drive to make noise with.

Samus HD2818d ago

8. The NGP is the PSP only more so. Offhand I can't think of a single fundamental change between the new device and its predecessors, just a load of extras nailed on. It's bigger, more powerful, and still dedicated primarily to running home-console blockbuster-type games rather than ones designed for the mobile audience. Didn't the relative success of the DS against the PSP (against all predictions) teach Sony anything?

i Like this one

xAlmostPro2817d ago

wrong @samus its made so hardcore gamers can do so on the move, its not like its porting ps3 games down to the psp2.. its getting its OWN uncharted, OWN killzone, OWN resistance etc etc.

lephunk2817d ago

the casual market is already saturated with the DS and the iphone? why in the world would you want sony to make more of the same?

it's a blessing that they're putting out a portable for gamers that enjoy deeper experiences...

hello.. mcfly?

Philaroni2818d ago

This is one of the worst things I'v read in a long time.

UP2818d ago

agreed. I am freaking tired of people saying that the psp2 is just a upgraded psp if that is the case then what is the 3DS. I am also tired of people ripping on the system because they think all the games shown are ports and no new IPs. For one thing the confirmed games such as Uncharted, resistance, killzone are new games (there is also a large list of developers that are going to make games for it) not ports and another thing the 3DS has more ports (ocarina of time, snake eater, street fighter, and star fox). Bottom line both portables look great.

Philaroni2818d ago

That is the reason I don't like Nent. that much, they get away with releasing games I'v played back on the N64 and other systems over and over. They next to never invest in new IP's.

Look for a list like this later from when I get done doing it. It will have real questions people should be asking.

kewlkat0072818d ago

The biggest Question should be Battery life?

With today phones sucking up plenty of juice with their super bright screens and high powered Processors, this things boast quad-core CPU/GPU...wonder how much gaming theoretically you can do on one full charge. Stated manufacturer Battery claims are never accurate.

FrankMcSpank2818d ago

I read on ps blog it will run 4-6hours continuously. That remark didn't include what was being used, played, brightness of screen, volume, etc. But I have no problem taking a break to let it charge. I assume it'll have a cat charger too cause it is a full GPS as well.

DJMarty2818d ago

OLED is very engergy efficient.

Also both Quad CPU/GPU are likely to be underclocked to reflect a good balance of power/performance to energy efficiency.

kharma452818d ago

What I want to know about the screen is if they're using a pentile OLED display or not, haven't been able to get an answer from even Sony on it.

stevenhiggster2818d ago

Plus phones are pretty small and thin so have tiny batteries, the PSP2 is big, and has no umd drive, so they have room for a fairly large battery.

Ju2818d ago

+28nm chips? Almost a must to squeeze this into this case. None of the devices currently uses chips that small.

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sporteous1212122817d ago

...battery life and retail price.

Burning_Finger2818d ago

Why the F*** this article getting approved?? That is the question.

gamingisnotacrime2818d ago

N4G shows just about everything
polished turd is gold in here