Playstation Move Heroes demo confirmed

GB writes: If this was not good enough news already, we also got to learn that a demo for the game is being planned and will be released in PSN before the game releases.

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Warprincess1162820d ago

I wanted to buy the bundle but i don't want to wait all the way to the end of march for it. I guess i just pick up the game. Also i wish this game had mutiplayer.

FrankMcSpank2820d ago

Are you the tester's WarPrincess? She doesn't even own a PS3, let alone anything other than a Farmville account.

I got the move already, I'll just scoop this up with a couple Nav Controllers, hopefully Sorcery drops within the next couple months too.

ChristianGamer2820d ago

Demo confirmed? Shock and awe! /s

suicidalblues2820d ago

Sony loves the whole demo thing. It instills confidence in game buying in my opinion.

FailOverHero2820d ago

Yeah...everybody loves the whole demo thing. Very few games release without one.

P_Bomb2820d ago

Good that there will be a demo. I'm a bit weary of buying Move titles. Best one imo was Dead Space Extraction, and that was a port. And free. Hope this'll be good. Sly and Bentley are awesome.

Redempteur2820d ago

MOve only games MUST have demos way 'im gonna buy something that might sit on my shelf unused ... MOVE games ( like kinect games ) are too much hit or miss for my tastes ...

Ifone2820d ago

I can't see the differences between a move only game and others games, a demo is better for both, since you can have a good game or a bad one in both cases.

Deathstroke2820d ago

I'd care if I could use a regular controller.

Digitaldude2820d ago

It's not called Playstation dualshock heroes.

FrankMcSpank2820d ago

LoL Dualshock Heroes = bubbles up for funny.

I watched the gameplay video with the whip, and it is 1:1 awesome. I don't know if I am more excited for this or All4One but they both will be really great co-op platformers.

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